Arbonne Health & Wellness -Recipe

You all know how unique and amazing Arbonne products are.

Today I am sharing with you a recipe that you will not be able to resist.

Using Arbonne Protein Powder. – Certified Vegan, Gluten Free, No Soy, No dairy, No Whey, No GMO.

Arbonne Protein Powder contains 20 grams of Vegan Protein -Pea Protein, Cranberry Protein, Brown Rice Protein as well as 20 essential vitamins and minerals.

Recipe:…Scrumptious Energy Bites

2 cups organic Almond Butter
1 1/3 cups agave nectar
2 cups Arbonne Essentials protein powder *
4 cups organic rolled oats (or steel cut oats if you want them crunchy)

1. Combine almond butter and agave nectar in a medium saucepan – or heat in microwave – until melted.
2. Remove from heat; add protein powder and mix well.
3. Measure out oats in a large bowl. Add heated mixture and combine.
4. Refrigerate for one hour.
5. Roll into 1″ balls.
6. Enjoy!

* You can use 1 cup chocolate and 1 cup vanilla powder – or two cups chocolate. I’m a chocolate girl so opt for the latter!

Don’t blame me if you become addicted.


Credit: Arbonne Regional Vice President Gina Giradi Kelley


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Habitat Muse. Bedroom Makeover


Our Guest Bedroom before decorating. There was nothing really wrong with the room, it just looked a little bland. It hadn’t been decorated since we moved into the house nearly 5 years ago.


Small changes can make any room look brighter, more spacious and more appealing.

Even just a change of paint colour can make such a huge difference. A Bedroom makeover doesn’t have to cost the earth.


Behr Home Depot satin paint

The Colors chosen, Cloudy Sky & Peaceful Blue. I feel relaxed already.

Ok lets get started. You will need dust sheets, cloths, decorators scotch blue tape, spakling and sandpaper to fill in any holes or cracks. Make sure you have a variety of different size paintbrushes, a roller and tray for each colour. Trim paint. Steps or ladders if required. Be sure to cover the floor and any furniture you couldn’t remove.

Make sure all surfaces are clean and dry before you start.20170123_112636

Take your time, don’t overload your brushes, be careful to mask areas such as window frames that you don’t want painting blue!

Stop when you start losing the light and recommence the following day to avoid patches and missed areas.

When you have finished wash all your brushes in warm water and air dry.

Step back and admire your handiwork.

Now for the fun part – Dressing the Room.


Add a few accessories, keep it simple.



We used the same curtains, although I added sheers that we already had from another room. Bed linens were from before. The furniture we moved round, so the bed faces the long windows. Now our guests have a view of trees and blue skies.

The room is now fresh, light and airy. The cost wall paint and trim less than $50. Blue glass vase and floral decoration/bamboo $30 from Home Goods.

Bed, side tables and drawers Ikea switched out from a third bedroom.

Mission accomplished.

A Bedroom Makeover on a budget.

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And So I Got to Thinking

I woke up at 5am this morning . I couldn’t seem to get back to sleep so, an English  cup of tea was required before setting about my morning routine.

Currently,  I am reading a book by Brenè Brown entitled “The Gifts of Imperfection, Let Go of Who You Think You Are Supposed To Be And Embrace Who You Are.”

This book is mesmerizing. Its a book that you cant help but keep going back and re-reading chapters over and over again because you can relate to what the author is writing about.

The book appears to reflect part of her journey into “Wholehearted Living,”  her research and global conversation on courage, vulnerability, shame and worthiness, subjects that we rarely discuss openly.

One of the chapters or guideposts as she calls them addressed the topic of “Cultivating Calm and Stillness. Letting Go of Anxiety as a Lifestyle.” I was intrigued. Just the title relaxed me. Brown talks about the difference between calm and stillness, quiet reflection and alone time.

I remember as a young girl someone saying to me “Take a deep breath and count to ten,” before I answered someone who was really irritating me. I had forgotten all about it. We have a tendency to fire back negatively without thinking therefore, raising our stress levels. Then I got to thinking and reflecting on this last week or so.  I didn’t recognise that I was becoming stressed and falling back into bad habits of a negative mindset. but I actually had done just that. That’s what happens when you have so much to do, mounting pressures to perform, to achieve, to be perfect. But, we aren’t meant to be perfect, in fact realizing that we are vulnerable is a quality – think about it or better still read the book “The Gifts of Imperfection,” I bet you can relate.

Here in the stillness of an early morning, with no sounds around me, no noise  from the house or traffic outside, still, quiet and peaceful.

I closed my eyes and took myself back (as I used to do frequently at one point in my life) to a place where I visualized myself walking through a wood, a forest, a clearing, along a path, the sun shining through the trees, birds chirping, butterflies nesting on wildflowers. The pure sound of nature all around me as I walked breathing in nature and fresh air. An overwhelming sense of calm enveloped me. Then, as I approached a stream, watching water flow gently over pebbles, just deep enough to take off your shoes and paddle as you would as a child, I saw a younger version of myself padding in the stream, the hem of my dress getting wet. I felt a sudden rush of what I can only explain as  ‘Pure JOY’. I found myself smiling from ear to ear, my eyes welled with tears. I felt so calm and at one with nature, so peaceful, it’s hard to describe.

I had completely forgotten the power of meditation. I felt energized.

Before the day began I experienced a quieting of the mind. My inner clock had switched to positive mode.

I felt a need to share my experience.

Now my day can begin, I know we all lead busy lives, but it is important to reset your inner clock, find a quiet moment or two for yourself, where can you loose yourself and feel a sense of peace and harmony.

And So I Got To Thinking

Acknowledgment: Brenè Brown

Books. I thought it was Just me, The Gifts of Imperfection, Rising Strong, Daring Greatly

How do you start your day?




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Habitat Muse – Attracting Potential Home Buyers

Home Inspiration, Bringing ideas to Life.

Home Staging and all things Décor.

This months theme, is all about Curb Appeal, The Entry Way and The Hallway.

First Impressions count when looking at attracting potential buyers.

From the minute they park outside your home. They should be eager to ring that door bell excited to see more.


Clean lines, red brick pathway, White Columns, Floral décor.

Curb Appeal is so important when wanting to attract Home Buyers.

Make sure that:

  • The exterior of the property is well maintained
  • Pressure Wash the outside & clean the windows.
  • Repaint and Repair. For example rotting sidings, malfunctioning garage door, broken windows and or paving.
  • Add flower pots to the porch with Perennials or floral Annual plants.
  • Mow the lawn and strim the edges. Weed, Trim back and overhanging or neglected shrubs.
  • Tidy the garage.

How serious are you about selling your Home?

Habitat Muse – Home Inspiration


Beautifully maintained front and back gardens, freshly painted exterior, colourful shrubs, power washed driveway. Definite  Curb Appeal

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Outdoor Lighting. Curb Appeal

To finish off our front garden, I wanted to replace the outdoor lights which had all but fizzled out anyway, so off  we set in search of Outdoor Garden Lights.

I had already visited World Market and bought lights for the Gazebo on the back deck – they are still in the box at present, but they will be hung very shortly – pictures to follow.

As I didn’t think my husband was really on board with searching for lighting, Home Depot was the choice as it was only a couple of miles from our home.

I didn’t realize how much choice there was, you would think I should have known by now living in America!  The choices included:- Security Lighting, Motion Sensor Lighting, String Lights, Post Lights, Deck Lights, Flood Lights, Spotlights……..really!

What type of outdoor lighting were we looking for? Simple outdoor solar garden lights, easy maintenance please.

After much deliberation, we took into consideration the price of course, our joint decision was, Hampton Bay Black Solar Path Lights, model #27600 $59.97 for a pack of 10.


Easy to assemble, popped straight into the garden. I didn’t expect them to be charged enough to illuminate the garden that very evening.

Imagine my surprise, when I looked outside, we had a floodlit floor show

Multifaceted lights, literally a laser show. We have outshined ourselves this time.

Had we looked at the box more closely it would have ruined our surprise.

The pictures are a very dark – well it was night time but you get the picture.

More Information about the Hampton Bay lights we chose.

Hampton Bay’s Plastic Solar LED Black Path Light delivers beauty, style and safe illumination to your home’s exterior by lighting dark areas along walkways, pathways and gardens. Not only is it easy to install, it’s also environmentally friendly with a simple, solar-powered design. The durable plastic construction is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions with a rust-free guarantee for years of outdoor display. This convenient set includes ten individual path lights to create a streamline appearance in your yard.

I am thinking that the back garden needs a little refreshing now too.

What are your Outdoor lighting tips to give your garden the Ultimate Curb Appeal on a budget?



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Homes and Gardens – A Transformation

Our garden had been neglected for several years prior to us buying the house.

It was a case of where to start first, what lay ahead was overwhelming and would be expensive which ever way we looked at it, we had to start somewhere.

After spending literally hours, weeks, months and the odd year or two clearing our garden front and back of fallen tree limbs, leaves, pine straw etc. It was time to seek professional help.

First we identified trees and shrubs that needed to be removed at the front of the house, there were 2 huge trees in the front gardens blocking light and views. We had decided to ‘tackle’ a section at a time. First the front of the garden to achieve ‘Curb Appeal’ The second phase would be the sides of the garden and last but not least the back garden,-which was going to be the most challenging.

Phase one -Trees and shrubs removed, the garden had to be rotivated. prior to grass sods being laid. Before this could be undertaken, we needed a planting and  garden design plan.

We contacted Pikes Landscaping.

Before pictures – Our house had already been repainted.


Back Garden Plans



Front Garden Plans



These were great templates that would allow some degree of flexibility. Our landscaper  advised the type of lawn to lay Zoysia Neon, what shrubs to plant and where to plant, trying to make sure we had blooms across the four seasons.

My husband and I completed much of the work ourselves including digging out tree roots,  applying weedkiller (gallons of it), laying mulch and the best part – planting.

This is our front garden today.

The House Sidings have been repaired and repainted. The drive has been pressure washed. Red Mulch has been put on to the Flower Beds to keep down the weeds, thus adding an extra pop of colour.

Perenials were planted mainly to keep colour all year round at different times of the year. Annuals I potted in tubs and placed on the front porch and back deck areas.

Just need to replace our garden lights. Another post coming shortly.

Maybe we can then relax and enjoy the fruits of our labours now.

We chosethe Professionals to help.

ACE Tree Services Marietta Georgia, Pike Landscaping Services.

Trugreen Lawn and Plant Services have helped with maintenance.


Homes and Gardens – A Transformation

What have you undertaken this year?




Southern Living

Better Homes

Plants bought from:- Pikes Nursery, Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart

Book: Georgia Gardener’s Guide – Erica Glasener & Walter Reeves




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Cabi Clothing

A recent Closet Stylist invited me to her Cabi Spring/Summer sale last weekend.

Of course  it is only fit and proper to go and support fellow entrepreneurs and networking colleagues.

Would the temptation be too great, NOT to buy? I am thinking so.

I am familiar with Cabi, being invited by my friend Jayne who I got to know at the LA Fitness gym, since then I have been to 3 more Cabi events and ordered every time.

What I love about Cabi clothing above everything else apart from the quality of their clothes is that each piece has been designed to mix and match with several other pieces. The fit of their clothes for me is pretty perfect. Being only 5ft 2″ and anything between a size 2 to a 6, buying clothes can be difficult at times.

Generally, with Cabi clothing my fit would be ‘Small’ occasionally depending on the product ‘Extra Small’

What would we find on the rails?  Having bought a summer dress from Cabi recently I was eager to find a shrug/cardigan or light weight jacket to go with it.

What tempted me? Quite a lot actually. I wanted ready to wear straight off the rack.

Discounts anywhere between 25% – 50% off MRP.

Here were my choices

Military Style Jacket, cinched at the waist with contract trim

Military Style Jacket, cinched at the waist with contract trim


Back View of my gorgeous Cabi top, with button detail on the shoulder and split back for comfort.


Floaty patterned top – perfect with jeans or cropped trousers.


Emerald Green Cropped Cardigan. Perfect with my recently bought Margherita dress.


Drop Waist Print Dress with Pleated Skirt and tie belt. So elegant!










I cant wait to view the Cabi Fall Collection 2016



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An Outdoor Project. Part One

Why is it when you have so much to do on your property either:

  • You don’t know where to start, therefore, it is easy to become overwhelmed.
  • One job leads to another, so you forgot what the initial project was.
  • You make a list of things to do but start with simple things so you never reach the major work.
  • Too big a project – think about seeking help from the Professionals.

Our House and Garden

Garden History

Before we moved in to our home 4 years ago both the back and front gardens had been neglected for years, the grounds were inches thick with pine straw, weeds and overgrown trees/shrubs. In the far corner of the back garden was a structure falling to pieces and full of junk – goodness knows what else we may find in there.

Two huge trees at the front blocked the and overgrown box wood shrubs blocked the light into the front of the house.

The house needed a coat of paint and some serious T.L.C.

We needed help to restore our home to its full potential.

Our List

We started with the trees and overgrown shrubs. Those Pine Trees and Gumball trees had to go, with HOA approval of course. This was a huge Outdoor Project.

A plan was required! We ended sectioning the project into phases, that seemed more manageable, but still back breaking work.  Taking the trees down meant that the grass (not a lawn) would be torn up by the Arborists tree felling equipment, tree stumps needed to be ground out, the wood chippings then composted. Deep tree and shrub roots had to be dug out where possible.

Next Stop – Pikes Nursery – serious plans were needed, what type of grass would be best. What type of shrubs, plants. perennials, annuals to put into our clay soil  that would also stand the heat of Georgia weather. What the plant in the shade and what plants would stand the intense heat of the day?

It was worth paying for a landscaper, he spent time bringing a design and a plan together, whilst listening to our wishes.

We knew that this outdoor project was going to take time as they say “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” But, it was important that we  got it right.

Proper preparation was a must. Hiring the professionals was imperative to the success of Our Outdoor Project.

Let the demolition begin.

Before Pictures.

Milford Creek Back deck DSC00733 DSC00810 DSC00812 DSC00818Milford Creek Overlook - House

Oh My, I had forgotten what it was like before we started. All that Pine Straw, leaves and debris.

This was an ongoing Outdoor Project, that would take a while. Don’t forget we were also working on the inside of the house too.

Stay tuned for more development, part 2 to follow.




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5 Things To Avoid in Your Beauty Routine.Do You know What You Are Putting on Your Skin?

1.When was the last time you cleared out your make-up bag or make-up box?

2. How old are your cosmetic products?

3.Do you remove your make-up before going to sleep?

4.How often do you clean your brushes?

5.Do  you share your cosmetics with a friend or have you used someone else’s lipstick ?

Does this make you stop and think?

If this sounds familiar, take action now to prevent serious skin/eye infections such as Conjunctivitis and or Impetigo.

Bacteria multiplies given the right conditions

1. Clean/wash/replace your make-up bag regularly to avoid bacteria contaminating your products.

2. Throw away old cosmetics. Mascara should be no older than 6 months (preferably 3 months), Eye shadows, lipsticks, foundation, blush, their life span may vary, possibly between 6 months and  1 year.

3. Remove your make-up before you go to sleep. Why? Your skin is the largest organ in the body, it absorbs anything you put on your skin straight into your blood stream both the good and the bad. The result – clogging your pores causing blackheads and zits. Plus, it ages the skin by breaking down collagen over time resulting in lines and wrinkles. Sleeping in mascara can irritate your eyes and cause eye infections.

4. Wash you make-up brushes regularly with mild soap/detergent and water – leave to air dry. Change out your make-up application sponges regularly.

5. Do not share your cosmetics or be tempted to apply a friend lipstick to your own lips.You maybe best friends but you may be risking your health. Wash your hands! hand hygiene is so important.

Did you know?

  1. Just because a product says it’s hypoallergenic doesn’t mean you won’t have a reaction to it.The FDA doesn’t have standards for using the term “hypoallergenic,” so cosmetic makers don’t have to prove their claims.
  2. Did you know that some lipsticks contain small amounts of Lead? The FDA has concluded that lead levels in lipsticks aren’t a safety concern.
  3. A cosmetics maker can sell products without FDA approval.
  4. FDA does not approve cosmetics, although they do approve color additives used in cosmetics. It is the responsibility of cosmetic manufacturers to ensure, before marketing their products, that the products are safe when used as directed in their label or under customary conditions of use
  5. Companies do not have to list all of the ingredients in their products, and they do not have to register their manufacturing facilities with the government.

We are becoming more familiar with reading food labels and ingredients, but how many of us read the labels on our skincare and cosmetic products?


I know what I am putting on my skin, because Arbonne products are Pure, Safe and Beneficial. Transparency and Honesty, for over 36 years, this has been the hallmark of their product integrity. From the very beginning, Arbonne has developed products by combining the best of nature with leading science and green chemistry.

Products formulated without:-

  • Animal products or animal by products
  • artificial flavours
  • artificial sweeteners
  • benzene
  • mineral oil
  • hydroquinone
  • parabens
  • petroleum
  • phylates
  • synthetic dyes
  • talc
  • formaldehyde, and so much more


What do you know about your Skincare and Cosmetic products?

Do you know what you are putting on your skin?

What 5 Beauty tips would you recommend?





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Networking – Grow Your Business

When I began my Arbonne journey I had no clue as to how I was going to meet people and promote my business, especially since I moved countries a few months before and literally knew no-one. I had the usual questions from my up-line, what about your dentist, your doctor, chiropractor……Seriously, we moved countries, not cities or states. We were newly registered with medical practitioners, so we didn’t really know them. We had no history over here. I didn’t even know where I was, just finding the supermarket required my GPS!

Shortly into my Arbonne journey I was introduced by an Arbonne Consultant to the founder of a women’s networking event.

Now, I had never been to a networking event like this, I didn’t know what networking was! All these terminologies I hadn’t heard of before, direct sales, network marketing, tag line, sales pitch and so on. I was overwhelmed and quite intimidated, not in the least bit nervous, really who am I kidding, I was petrified!

I set my GPS (only had been driving on the wrong side of the road a few weeks that is another story) with my hands clutching the steering wheel I eventually found the place where the meeting was being held.

The organizer of the event greeted me at the door, she gave me a name badge, a roster and pointed me in the direction of the other women attendees and the food table.

Have you ever felt like you were the elephant in the room?

It seemed that everyone knew each other, I wanted to escape! I had no idea of what to say or what they were chatting about. I was completely out of my comfort zone and so naive.

The meeting began with the hostess explaining the format, reading the mission statement plus the rules – what was acceptable and what was not. Everyone in attendance had paid $20 to attend and now each person had 3 mins to talk about themselves and their business. When my turn arrived, I was literally shaking, I could feel heat building up, my hands were sweaty and I am sure my face turned beetroot red, my heart was beating on overdrive. However, my English accent and I managed to get through the 3 mins albeit, with a little assistance from the audience.

I have to own up that I didn’t go back for a few months. however, during this time I did explore other networking groups and even joined a couple, building my confidence as well as my client base steadily. I began to realize that its all about building relationships, supporting others and giving back, not about hard selling (that’s not me by the way).

So, two years ago I went back to the first networking event I had been to. I was still nervous but, with no personal agenda and with more confidence, I was able to relax and enjoy myself. Where am I now? A Co-Leader of our group in Marietta. I have met and are still meeting some amazing women. I have more friends than I could ever have imagined and I continue to build relationships and grow my Arbonne business. This is truly an inspirational journey.

I encourage all of you to persevere with your goals, believe in yourself, get involved in networking events, get to know people. Today, we have our brunch meeting and it will be fun, exciting, warm and welcoming to the women who are attending.

We are expanding, across the US and are now focusing on global expansion. We are aImagine what this could do for your business.

For more information go to







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