Habitat Muse – Home Staging & Décor. Part 1. Refreshing a Room

Habitat Muse – Home Inspiration – Bringing Ideas to life.

What do you see when you look around your home?

Tidy, fresh, clean? or dated cluttered and worn? Most of us are somewhere in between, we all have THAT room or closet that you dread to open.

Spring is associated with a Spring Clean, but what do you do the rest of the year? By the time it gets to spring again you may have accumulated a years worth of “stuff.”

Whether, you are contemplating moving or just want to refresh, start with one room at a time, decide whether you start upstairs or downstairs, don’t be overwhelmed by the task in hand, you will feel elated when the first room is finished.

Rope in the family to help, devise some sort of project, unwanted toys and clothing for Goodwill, or a charity. Earn pocket money (yes, I know its a form of bribery)

Be ruthless and stick to the task in hand. Sort out clothing you haven’t worn for 2 years or more or that dress you vowed to get into, it was a bargain but still has the purchase ticket on it.

Wash, wipe, clean dust, vacuum, that includes your mattress on the bed too and don’t forget the carpets.

It may well be once you have overhauled a room including THAT closet you may feel that it would benefit from a paint refresh.

Set yourself a reward, a new bed set,  wall art, a new light fixture, or a couple of pillows. It doesn’t have to be extravagant.

Don’t overcrowd a room with too much furniture. If you have small windows and have curtains, make the window look wider or taller by positioning the curtain rods higher and wider than the window itself, add sheers. Floor length drapes will also make the window appear larger.

Look for close outs. This bed ensemble is from Sears


Be armed with the essential: cleaning equipment, cloths, bucket, brushes, mops a vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaner, boxes or bags labelled charity/donations, consignment, rubbish, recycling and so on.

Ideas:- A coat of paint to any room will add automatic freshness. Choose paint colours carefully.

Other Room ideas – Bathrooms

Add a new shower curtain , fresh towels. Hardware on cabinets (which can also be painted), new accessories

Closets: Add bins and baskets for storage, door hooks to hang jewelry, scarves or belts. Shop discount stores.

Look in Home Décor magazines such as House Beautiful, Homes & Gardens, Southern Living and so many more. Follow blogs for inspiration. plus, Pinterest for ideas.

Remember the simplest of changes can make the biggest difference.

Happy Reorganizing!

Habitat Muse – Home Staging & Décor. Part 1. Refreshing a Room

What would be your top 3 tips?

Stay tuned

More coming regarding Home Staging in Part 2. Its a myth that you have to spend loads of money on your home in order to sell it. So stay tuned.



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Habitat Muse Home Office Space

Above our garage we have a bonus room, it quite a quirky space and a definite selling point – not that we are even considering this after all the work that’s been done.

It was like discovering the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland. There are two entrances.

The first one is via the main staircase, along the landing hallway the last door ahead of you, What could this be?, thinking initially a store cupboard, when I opened the door what a surprise. The other entrance is through the kitchen there is a small hallway with a staircase, where would this lead?


Stairway to….

It is big enough for a bedroom, play area, obviously you would require safety gates, sewing room, exercise room or office space.

We tried initially a combined spare bedroom and office area, but that didn’t really work.

So, my office area it is.


I have divided the space so I know where everything is for my diverse and different interests and business.


There is still some tweaking to do but I am so pleased with how it has turned out and more importantly I am using it on a daily basis.

office 1vision board

Working from home has it benefits.

Create your home office space. Keep it tidy, uncluttered, light and airy. Storage is essential.

Did this give you some ideas?

Habitat Muse Home Office Space.




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Habitat Muse. What Does Your Kitchen Say About Your Style?

If your kitchen could talk what would it say?

The kitchen is undoubtedly the “Hub of the House”.

People have gathered together around the kitchen table for many years, whether, family or friends. Nowadays we have the addition of The Kitchen  Island too.

The kitchen has the most traffic and throughput.

When you are thinking of remodeling, decorating renovating or updating any room, its all about the function of the room and of course the layout.

The layout is important because you want to get the best out of the space you have. How many door openings do you have?. What rooms are connected to the kitchen?. Is it feasible to knock down a wall and open up the room?. What impact would this have on the space?

When planning our kitchen, it was obvious from the beginning that we had too many door openings, we considered knocking down the wall to the Dining Room but it was a load bearing wall and electrics, air vents and the water supply to the refrigerator were all along the said wall, therefore. adding to the expense, plus, loosing wall cupboard space, then having to re-house appliances.

Before pictures

Slate tile on the floor. The original cabinets from 1988 and unusable, the garden was hidden from view with dark café style curtains. No door into the back hallway which led to the garage. Major demolition required. All hands on deck! That is, my husband and myself.

We planned and measured and had the experts to double check our requirements before installation. It was a 3 phase approach. Floor tile, cabinets, appliances, followed by under cabinet lighting, track lights and  backsplash. The last phase involved the portable kitchen Island, barn door and Plantation Blinds and a little décor.

This is our kitchen today.

Kitchen cabinets20170831_171756

20170831_171700 (1)

We preferred a modern style, Maple cabinets, Uba Tuba Granite Countertops, Stainless Steel appliances. The backsplash, barn door and Plantation Blinds – Home Depot.

The moveable island curtesy of Ikea.

Shelves Pottery barn


barn door

What does your kitchen say about your style?




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Habitat Muse. 5 Simple Tips to Brighten Up Any Room

5 Simple Tips to Brighten Up a Room that wont cost the earth.

Each season brings with it a new freshness. Inspiration may come from a variety of sources, for example a piece of wall art or, just take a look outside for inspiration from nature.

The 4  seasons  in all their glory. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

What colours would you associate with each of the seasons?

These are my choices.

Spring – New life, bulbs bursting with colour, buds ready to explode on the trees. The colours I associate with Spring are:- yellows and greens.

Summer – Bold Vibrant colours, red, pinks, lilacs and purple

Autumn – Warm, rich  colours that blend together yellows, ochre, oranges and browns

Winter – Blue, white, silver, frost

How can we brighten up a room by using the colours of the seasons.

  1. Add accent cushions/pillows and a throw to a sofa. Place pillows in odd numbers, such as 1 or 3, add different shapes, mix and match.
  2. Fresh flowers automatically add their own identity to a room with the added bonus of their perfume, such vibrancy. Look for vases of different shapes, sizes and colours.
  3. An accent wall add pictures or wall art that draws the eye to the area. Consider wall paper or a contrast paint colour.
  4. Find the focal point to a room for example a fireplace and dress it. Candle sticks, coloured candles vases, pictures, a mirror. Interchange or repurpose what you already have from another room
  5. Add wall art. A cluster of prints, shop close outs,  if you are slightly artistic design your own unique piece.

Shop Thrift stores, Charity shops, flea markets, you can often pick up an inexpensive bargain. All you need is a little imagination.

Don’t be tempted to overstate. Make sure you have room to move round your furniture.

Stores such as Home Goods, Tuesday Mornings, TKMaxx, Marshalls, World Market…… have an array of affordable objects that would cheer up any room. Home Décor in store or  online. Pinterest is so inspiring, take a look for ideas.

Photos searching sites such as:- Home Goods blog- Home & Fabulous. Pier 1 Imports, Pinterest, Pottery Barn, Z Gallerie, Crate & Barrel.

Mix pastels, bold statements and textures.

Bring the seasons into your home.

5 Simple tips to brighten up any room.

What is your favourite season?


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Confessions of a Clothes Shopper

When you are shopping for clothes, are you:

  • An impulse shopper?
  • Or a planned shopper?
    Do you?
  •  Go out with a budget? or
  • Blow your budget?
  • Can’t resist a bargain?

Have you a passion for Fashion?

My confession is that I am all of the above!

On our recent visit to the UK we both did a LITTLE clothes shopping.

First stop

Northampton Marks and Spencer where my husband  bought a linen suit for a wedding we were attending, plus, accompanying shirts and ties (one needs to have choices).


M&S COLLECTION Linen Miracle Regular Fit Mens suit 239 Pounds

My purchases Lingerie. Check out the huge selection of underwear including fitness apparel.

Next stop for my husband Greenwoods – looking for a waistcoat to contrast the suit and shirts just bought.

Both were in the sale too a bargain under 100 pounds all in!

We have just been talking about  how a traditional navy blazer is a wardrobe staple piece that can be worn smartly or casually. I think its quite sexy to see a guy in jeans, loafers and a white tee shirt under a blazer!

Next stop

Navy Culottes, stretchy material, the photo doesn’t do them justice.

Paired with a Cut Out should gold knitted jumper with my gold sandals – bought a while ago from my favourite shoe store Moda In Pelle

Last but not least Primark  – Did I mention we still  had Leeds and London to go?

I love this long shirt style, with fluted sleeves.  Great to wear with cut off trousers, capris or jeans. This particular one was lined too with it being see through. A bargain, too hot to miss.

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Suite Dreams

We all know that a good nights sleep is essential for our personal health and wellness.

How important is that to you?

I am guessing very important.

To relax in a comfortable bed . I am always ready to go to our bed. Right now more than ever, that’s because our upstairs renovations are now into MONTH 4! Another story for another day.

When you are looking for bedding or linens what is it that drives you to buy?

Are you looking for colour to match with your décor? When it comes to bed sheets, do you look for non-iron, Egyptian cotton, the thread count, or just the feel?

Are you a duvet, comforter or hand quilt person?

Personally, I want a little luxury, particularly since we have just renovated our Master Suite. I did search several stores but couldn’t quite get that yes factor. Until that is I got to Macy’s. I was looking for something to go with our décor, had to be clean looking and fresh, style and comfort are key essential ingredients. Throw in a touch of metallic and I am hooked.

This was my choice after searching online and physically searching stores.

The bed sheets are silky, colour match pretty perfect – A kind of Taupe/Grey, with a 550 thread count.


Into the tub before bed to make sure I could really feel the benefit of the sheets on my skin.

OMG this is bliss.

The muted colours of blue, white/off white/silver and grey of the comforter and pillow cases have that clean and fresh feel.

I have a hard time getting away from blue as its my favourite colour. This cleverly designed pattern evoked a sense of calm, freshness as well as style.

Seriously, sometimes paying that little bit more is worth it.

Sweet dreams are made of this. Sleep within minutes. I had just bought the perfect pyjamas in Marks & Spencers while over in England too.

What do you look for when shopping for bedding?

Send out the zzzzzzz’s



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Hair Today

I just love going to my Hair Stylist. A little bit of welcome R & R. Going to the Hair Stylist always makes me feel special, Out with the old in with the new.

You have to have faith in your hairdresser and I do. Hayley at Plum Salon was the only stylist that listened to me and believe me I have been to a few who were twice as expensive and more.

I had decided over a year ago to stop colouring my hair – Yes, I know, you thought I was a natural blonde, but, actually an undercover greying brunette. I had no idea what the transition would be like. Hayley supported my decision and after taking a hard look at my roots told me I had a lot of great colour coming through. Fast forward, she was right, the transition was relatively easy.

Here we are now.

Love the cut and the natural colour.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The girls in the salon loved my outfit too, so they asked if they could photograph me with the hairstyle and my chic clothes.

If you live in the UK you may recognize the ‘cute’ shirtdress with flared sleeves and ties on the sleeves,  its lined too! Where from? why Pre-Mark-Ey (Primark) 13 pounds. Cropped Trousers TJMAXX $15.

Blue Cork wedge sandals last year summer range from Marks & Spencer.

However, while I was visiting the UK last month, I also bought these Foxglove Leather Bow Boat Shoe Sale price 35 pounds – so comfortable they pair well with this outfit.

I would recommend Plum Salon in a heartbeat, fairly priced and exceptional attention to detail.

Thank you Ladies for taking such an interest in me and my look. I got to be a mature model for a short while. It just shows age is just a number.

Here is a picture of my friend Chrissie who had her locks treated by Haley today.

How sassy is this cut?



Voted best salon in Smyrna GA for the last 3 years and I can see why!

If you live in the area you should seriously go and book a Consultation.

Hair Today!





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Summer Daze

Now you know I love a bargain, I have my favourite shops and I shop online as well as in store

These are a couple my latest online finds.

Zara low heeled mule sandal $39 but reduced in the sale – sold out online.

ASOS  – By Oasis, This glamorous Navy and White Maxi Dress caught my eye with its kaleidoscope, optical illusion of stripes with perfect knife thin pleats, the skirt cascades to the floor, with matching pink belt is so elegant. Teamed with a cerise cardigan for a chilly evening from Marks & Spencer.

This outfit is perfect for summer days and nights. Goes well with cocktails.


Coming Soon Shopping in the UK

What s your favourite fashion summer purchase?

Summer Daze.






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Going Back To My Roots

19389749_10213318753462325_1875531743_nGoing Back to my Roots.

On Reflection – My Journal

I am sat here in our kitchen, it’s quiet apart from the air conditioning, the birds tweeting outside to each other the sound of tapping on the keys of my laptop. Semi-silence, no music, no T.V.

I can think fairly clearly. Therefore, I am taking time to reflect.

This may turn out to be deep.

Who am I?

No I haven’t got amnesia.

I am a wife, a mother, a friend, a colleague, a neighbour.

What else I ask myself?

How do I see myself?

What do I want out of life?

You would have thought by now I would know. But do we ever know? Life is always moving and changing, each day is different.

I decided to go back and look at my Core Brand Values.

What three things do I want to be known for.

This is harder than to pinpoint that I thought. What other people see in you, isn’t sometimes what you see in yourself.

I am

  1. Passionate
  2. Supportive
  3. Authentic

I then decided to research these descriptive words, to see if there was a common denominator.

  • Passionate

Fervent, Zealous, Obsessive, Fanatical, Adoring, Loving, Enthusiastic.

  • Supportive.

Loyal, Kind, Sympathetic, Compassionate  , Understanding, Encouraging,  Caring, Empathetic.

  • Authentic 

True, Reliable, Dependable, Faithful, Trustworthy, Genuine, Realistic.

Oh my goodness, I feel quite humble.

To say that my eventual chosen profession was Nursing, Midwifery and English Law.

I would say a perfect fit with my Core Brand Values

I wear my heart on my sleeve, I dislike injustice, I cry when I am happy, I cry when I am sad.

Proud of my family.

Proud or myself.

Where will this lead?

More to come. I am sure.

On Reflection







Oh my goodness! I feel quite humble.

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Top Secret Project – All is revealed!

It was a privilege to be asked by my friend Interior Designer Rachel Oliver to accompany her to assist with staging a home.

I had no idea what was in store or who would be involved initially until we were on our way there.

I then found out this was a celebrity project with Houzz.com and I was sworn to secrecy who the celebrity was. The entire day would be filmed! This was no ordinary Interior Design project.

I loved the concept of giving back to parents/mother and appreciating wholeheartedly how important family/friends are in our lives.

OMG – This was a day to remember, we were both exhilarated and exhausted at the end of the day, but what a joy it was. An experience never to be forgotten.


This has now led to assisting Rachel on other projects, so stay tuned for the future.

On this Mothers Day, what gift would you give to your mother?


HabitatMuse – Home Staging and Home Décor at your service

Geraldine Street – full of avenues and lanes to discover, on my journey there is so much more to explore.



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