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An English Rose in the prime of her life, living my dream. This is my journal where you can read about my passions, my obsessions, my inspirations, my hope, my journey

Spring Time – Planning – Outdoor Dining

I guess we shouldn’t complain about the weather, but, being English it seems to be a favourite pastime. It has been a bizarre winter here in Georgia. No snow – thankfully, no dangerous icy roads to contend with. Although we … Continue reading

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Redefining a Bonus Room – Office Space

I dont know about you but I can not work in clutter, no matter what room it is. My office space is a bonus room over the garage, its quite a quirky layout. It was one of the reasons we … Continue reading

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Summer Holiday Shopping

Its January and the weather here looks beautiful. Blue skies, wispy white clouds and the sun is shining. But, don’t be deceived as the overnight temperatures here fell to 20 degrees Fahrenheit! The highest it will climb to is in … Continue reading

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Our Trip to Northern Cyprus

We have been very fortunate this year to have traveled quite a  few places Las Vegas, New Jersey, New York, Anna Maria Island, Panama City Beach, New Orleans, The UK and Cyprus. On our recent trip via the UK to … Continue reading

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Inexpensive or Luxury.

Who says looking good has to be expensive? Are you a “Keep up with the Jones’s person”?, or maybe a bargain hunter? or somewhere in between? Personally, I love a bargain but I also have some pieces in my closet … Continue reading

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An Outdoor Project – A Pergola or An Arbor?

After lots of planning, choosing materials, revising our plans over again, the groundwork was in place ready to build our outdoor space. We chose materials from Home Depot, a few delays in supplying the materials. As I write this we … Continue reading

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The Next Outdoor Project. Part 1.

So what are we up to now at the Looker household. You may well ask! This time we needed help as this project was definitely out of our capabilities. We moved from the indoors to the outdoors. Our deck area … Continue reading

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Going Grey Gracefully?

Have you ever thought about going grey, but were overwhelmed about how to do it and look good in the process? Many women are going grey as a statement of independence and confidence. They are telling the world, “this is … Continue reading

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Home Improvements.

Home Improvements, Here we go again. Before we can really get to grips with our back garden, we must sort out the outside of our home. Having attracted an unwanted woodpecker, who obviously had eyes on drilling holes into our … Continue reading

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When Selling Your Home, What do you need to know?

When selling your home do you understand the needs of prospective buyers? Who is likely to buy your house? Is it going to appeal to an empty-nester, who want to downsize? or a first time buyer, a professional couple ready … Continue reading

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