About Me

Who Am I?


An English Rose who moved ‘Lock Stock & Barrel’ from ‘Across the Pond’ with my husband and soul-mate, to begin an adventure, a journey, an amazing opportunity to live in a different country in my mature years.

How would I describe myself?

Passionate, gregarious, caring, mindful, supportive, just a little talkative! An on the go kind of lady! Overcoming obstacles one step at a time.

Hobbies:  Home Décor, Gardening, Exercise, Reading, Socialising.

Passions & Inspirations: My Family, Holidays, Home Décor, My Home Staging business, Fashion & Shopping, Wine & Chocolate, Dining Out, Networking, Journaling. Not always in that order!

My Journey, My Passions & My Obsessions

Follow my Life as I navigate my way around the globe or just stay at home diving into my latest project.

Contact me: gerilooker@yahoo.com

Facebook @HabitatMuse. Home Staging & Decor.


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