Window Dressing

Who would have thought that choosing blinds/shades would be so difficult?

After recently redecorating our sitting room, all that is left to do is to choose a style that we both can agree on for the windows. Seems simple enough?

This room opens out to our deck and Pergola. There is a central patio door with sidelights. Windows on either side that require addressing. It is important the light filters in so no dark blinds shades or drapes.

So much choice! So I chose several swatch samples. I had 3 styles in mind:-

Faux wood/bamboo Roman Blinds/Bali Blinds

Patterned Roman Blinds

Cellular shades

The fabric swatches we chose for Roman Blinds looked lovely on the small swatch however, too busy pattern wise when I looked at the bigger picture. They were also the most expensive. The ones with no pattern – just too plain for this room.

Bamboo blinds I love as we had then installed in a previous house, but, I felt they were too dark, even though they were available in top down, bottom up, therefore, adjustable.

Cellular blinds we have on in the guest bathroom, again quite plain but I did like these as they let the light. There was also an option for top down bottom up too.

Roller blinds too boring!

Drapes? I wanted a change

So where do we go from here?

Watch this space as we venture out (masks on) to find more examples for our lovely room.

Window Dressing – quite simple?

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