Staging a Home Versus Listing A Vacant Home

When you are contemplating selling your home for sale, how important is it that you market it properly and present it in the best possible light?

Selling or buying a house is by far the most expensive transaction you will ever make. So, why wouldn’t you want to do your best to make it happen?

When someone puts their house on the market we dont always know the circumstances behind making that decision, so it is important whether you are a Realtor or a Home Stager that we act respectfully in the best interests of the client.

There is no doubt that staging a home can make a huge difference in terms of time on the market and sale price.

Adopting a “Buyers Mindset” is not always easy especially when the seller has become very attached to the property.

Potential buyers need to be ale to visualize themselves with their belongings in the property. Therefore, if the house is vacant and empty of furniture the house can feel devoid of warmth and that homely feel. Instead it can present of being cold and bleak.

House 1. Open concept

Empty rooms may appear smaller that furnished rooms, that makes the potential buyer wonder if their furniture will fit.

House 2 Living Space

Empty rooms can loose definition and buyers maybe confused as to the purpose of the room. Buyers like to be able to identify the purpose of each room, if its vacant they may not be able to figure it out., it an office or a dining room.

Buyers want to see a home that is inviting from the outside in. They can imagine themselves and their family surrounded by their own furniture and accessories living there.

House 1 The Living and Dining Space after Staging

Staging a Home Versus a Vacant Home – Staging wins every time.

House 2 Living Space Staged

According to The National Association of Realtors 83% of buyers found staged homes easier to visualize as their own property.

Your home should be inviting to prospective buyers from the moment they park outside your house to the moment they leave. Creating a happy experience that encourages buyers to put in an offer.

Geri Looker

Habitat Muse – Home Staging & Decor

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