Planning a Garden and Further Renovations

When we bought our current home, first sighting we fell in love with it. We could see the potential and we knew it would take time and money to turn it around.

The house had been empty for over two years, sadly a foreclosed property. We wanted to bring it back to life and restore a family home. Both the inside and the outside required “true grit,” “patience” and “perseverance.”

More about the inside of our home in another post or two.

The gardens had been sadly neglected for some time. Both the back garden and the front garden covered in at least 6 inches of pine straw. Huge pine trees obscured the view of the front of the house, that would have to be removed! Although an expensive task it had to be done.

I had a lovely English garden back in the UK, but we quickly realized that we couldn’t grow the same plants here. We needed some help! We needed a plan.

The first thing to do was to decide what kind of gardens would work for us. Did we want grass or paving, a rockery, maybe a feature?. What kind of perennials and annuals should be planted? In the end my husband and I decided to enlist the help of a Landscape Architect from Pikes Nursery.

It was a little expensive but worth the investment.

The front garden plans includes what plants and shrubs recommended.

The back garden has a dry creek at the bottom of the garden, hardly any shrubs just lots of trees. The plans gave so many options, plants native to Georgia and the type of soil here.


Before and after pictures of the front garden and our house. As you can see we repainted the exterior of our home. Gave it a face lift with new windows an a new garage doors.

Its all about “Curb Appeal”

More about the indoor and outdoor renovations in future posts

Planning a Garden and Further Renovations

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