Always Another Project – Back to the Outdoors. Part 1

Garden Project Phase 1

Spring has definitely sprung!

Its time to “Get Stuck In,” literally. Which means in effect that we have some hard work to do. do as all the rain, sunshine and pollen have certainly made an impact, weeds, weeds, weeds! Where did they come from?

The creative part of me loves planting tubs and seeing the plants grow and blossom, but there is the other side to maintaining the garden which includes the endless task of weeding, replacing borders, topping up mulch, repairing the fencing and so the list goes on.

It’s heavy work that requires many hours of commitment and patience, plus, of course the right tools to work with.

In our case one thing definitely leads to another. As we work on the garden more ideas spring to mind, so now we now have another full on project that may take the rest of the year to complete or even beyond this year. More about that in another post.

Where to start?

Tidying up the front garden which means cutting the grass, weeding, planting flowers in pots for the front porch and replenishing the mulch. A landscaper we know mentioned that we could get natural and FREE Mulch from the tree felling companies who grind down the tree limbs and stumps. After trying a few companies we were lucky enough to find one working in our area, a couple of hours later the truck arrived.

OMG! a full truck load of fresh mulch delivered on our drive.

We now have a mulch mountain!

Thank you for the prompt delivery  Atlanta Arbor

Thank goodness our neighbour doesn’t mind us using his driveway to get our cars on to the road.

Lets get to work

Priority laying mulch and preparing the ground and flower tubs. Another visit to

Home Depot

The front beds require ‘Topping Up’

Not quite a mulch molehill just yet, but as you can see we are working on it.

Back breaking work but so worth it.

Next the back garden. I can assure you all that this may take some time.

Stay tuned for Part 2. The garden makeover continues.

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An English Rose in the prime of her life, living my dream. This is my blog where you can read about my passions, my obsessions, my inspirations, my hope, my journey
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