How to get that Glam Look by adding Metallics to a Room

Are you ready to get that Glam Look into you home by adding Metallics.

The beauty of metallics is that you can mix and match different metals, it doesn’t have to be “Matchy, Matchy.” So don’t be afraid. Challenge your inner Home Decor Guru. Be creative, be playful, reflect a little of your personality.

Accessories are the best way to introduce metallics in to a room. Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper, these metals catch the light creating depth and dimension. Adding different textures will help balance out a room. Think leather, suede, velvet, or fur for throws and pillows, Wooden candle sticks or occasional tables.

When I looked around our home, I was surprised to see we already had embarked on our metallic journey.

Our dining room comprised Silver accessories and chrome lamps. The bling came in the form of  the mirror and a rectangular crystal chandelier (with built in dimmer) that enhanced glamour and opulent hues to the room plus, a romantic ambiance.

Our metallic theme continued into the hallway, this time a mix of Silver and Copper inspired by the stunning Copper Maple Mobile, that creates night time shadows on the walls as it delicately rotates under spotlights placed strategically for the best effect.

Accessories linked the rooms together.

Next, just adding a little luster to our family room with Gold starbursts mounted so they that catch the light.

Our next project?

An accent wall in the Family (TV Room) to carry on the metallic theme without going overboard. Remember I said be playful?

An accent wall.

Our living spaces are pretty much open plan with no internal doors downstairs so there should be some sort of flow, but accent walls I can play around with.

I am becoming obsessed with the grey and copper and the navy and gold wallpapers above

I dare you to expand your Home Decor horizons.

How to get that Glam Look by adding Metallics to a Room.


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