Redefining a Bonus Room – Office Space

I dont know about you but I can not work in clutter, no matter what room it is.

My office space is a bonus room over the garage, its quite a quirky layout. It was one of the reasons we bought this house. It reminds me of a space that may have been for a maid or a housekeepers room as its access through a small back hallway behind the attached garage and off the kitchen, kind of like “Upstairs Downstairs” era.

I do pride myself on a tidy and clean house. My nursing background coming out. When we were new trainees, the first thing we were taught was to clean! yes! patients beds, lockers, treatment areas had to be damp dusted, before our other duties began.

Our appearance also had to be tidy. No hair below the collar of your uniform, no nail varnish, jewelry 1 pair of earrings – studs only, 1 plain wedding band, dress below knee length. Very strict!

But I digress.

Initially we used the bonus room as a bedroom/office but it didn’t really work because of the shape of the room. It became my office space and to be frank a bit of a dumping ground. This time I was determined to get the best out of the room and move things round. We also want to buy a day bed so we have extra accommodation if we need it as we converted another bedroom into an office space for my husband.

Shopping now for window blinds. Then, mission accomplished.

Now if only I can persuade my husband to do the same with his office area? Seriously, this really needs some thought.

Next joint venture when the weather is a little warmer tackling The Garage.


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