Summer Holiday Shopping

Its January and the weather here looks beautiful. Blue skies, wispy white clouds and the sun is shining. But, don’t be deceived as the overnight temperatures here fell to 20 degrees Fahrenheit! The highest it will climb to is in the 40’s range today, so its cozy up today and retrieve indoors with the heating on full blast. Call me chicken if you want but… most of my life in the UK I have weathered many a storm.

We are looking at organizing our summer holidays, why not cheer ourselves up. We have some special birthdays coming up so we are planning a family holiday later in the year. Destination possibly The Spanish Islands.

Warm sunny climate, relaxing by the pool or on the beach sipping cocktails.

Once we have taken in the options, pricing, views and facilities. It is time to switch from January’s chilly weather and dream a little of Sun, Sand and Sangria.

Do I have spaces for a couple more summer outfits and accessories?


Beach Cover-ups –


bp-fw202bltb-large[1]bp-sw372nysa-large[1] is my place to go for essential undergarments and beachwear.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sun protection with a classic sun hat and ritzy glitzy sandals.


And so ready for the beach. Beach accessories at

Anyone for cocktails?


I am certainly getting into the holiday spirit.

Cheers everyone.

How are your holiday plans going?




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