An Outdoor Project – A Pergola or An Arbor?

After lots of planning, choosing materials, revising our plans over again, the groundwork was in place ready to build our outdoor space.

We chose materials from Home Depot, a few delays in supplying the materials. As I write this we are still waiting for 1 item.

The build took a total of just over 4 weeks, a couple of weather delays, material delays and 1 day delay for tree removal.

deckDeck Pergola

We chose a composite decking boards in Amorguard Brazilian Walnut. No more painting!

The Pergola or Arbor. I am not sure what the correct terminology is, see below for more information.

The wood treated posts support cross beams and a lattice top for extra shade. The structure measures 12ft x 16ft. The overall deck measurements 20ft x 27ft.

This would then accommodate a seating area, storage for cushions, patio dining furniture and Ornamental pieces.

The Grill will have a new home in due course.

We also made a fire pit area opposite the deck in the back garden. There are some spare Pavers, that we can re-purpose elsewhere. Some plants are still waiting for a home too.morning garden


To make the composite deck stand out we chose a white rail kit with black metal balusters.


Solar Powered Post Caps were added instead of basic caps.

There was just one set of steps instead of two sets.


Outdoor space

You can see the pattern on the furniture with the sun shining directly overhead on the lattice top.

Seating furniture and tables from Wayfair

dusk on the deck

The Deck at Dusk with the umbrella lights over the original dining table (still waiting delivery of another dining set – out of stock)

According to an article by The Spruce The words pergola and arbor are often used interchangeably to describe two similar outdoor structures. Both are built with posts that support an open roof of beams or lattice. And both usually support vines or climbing plants..

In residential applications, an arbor, or arbour, is considered a freestanding structure that serves as an entrance to a part of a yard or garden. It can also act as a small shelter for a bench or seating area.

Often built over a patio or deck as a shade structure, a pergola is also based on a similar post-and-beam construction as an arbor. When attached to a house, a pergola will extend from the exterior side or roof, creating a shaded or semi-shaded space that links the interior of the house to the landscape. In other words, some sort of roof for a patio, deck, or outdoor room.

Arbors include two or four posts with a simple slatted roof (often arched, but not always). The sides of an arbor can be open over covered with lattice or trellis work for a more enclosed effect and to help vines better attach.

So call it what you will.

This is our new outdoor space. A beautiful deck for entertaining.

Our Garden Oasis.

An Outdoor Project – A Pergola or An Arbor?

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2 Responses to An Outdoor Project – A Pergola or An Arbor?

  1. How beautiful, turned out great! And you must be loving the shade 🙂


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