Going Grey Gracefully?

Have you ever thought about going grey, but were overwhelmed about how to do it and look good in the process?

Many women are going grey as a statement of independence and confidence. They are telling the world, “this is who I am, and I’m not afraid.” Many women who have gone grey say that they get more compliments from men, because their grey hair shows greater confidence.
it can be quite empowering to ditch the dye and go gray naturally.

Why do so many of us keep hitting the bottle?

For years I have been colouring my hair.  I seem to remember finding a grey hair in my teens, that’s when panic set it. Was I going prematurely grey?

Both my Grandmothers were grey at an early age, in fact my mother and Grandmother were white into their early sixties. Was there no hope for me? Did I inherit the grey/silver/white gene? I did what most of us do… hid in a bottle.

An original brunette but those dark shiny locks were long gone!

I had started with blonde highlights in my thirties and that was it, bit by bit my brunette locks were eradicated. The downward spiral had begun.

After, a trip to a well know hairstylists whom I had been gong to for quite sometime, I posed the question about going all out – grey. Oh the horror on the stylist’s face!

Then after having a cut, highlights and low lights and the bill of almost $250. I decided I had to do something about this. Gone were the days of colouring my hair myself, I seemed to be going for root touch ups on a monthly basis.

And then, I started networking…….what has this to do with Going Grey you may well ask?

I met at least 3 ladies whose hair was a variety of grey/white/silver shimmering shades, all natural, they looked so confident and gorgeous. I began to wander what my natural hair would look like.

I made a decision that by the time I turned 60 – (that was looming), I would embrace who I was and bite the bullet, no more bottle blonde.

I changed hairstylists, I managed to find a local hairstylist who actually listened to me.

I told her my plan and that I wanted as smooth a transition as possible. To her credit she looked at my hair, the verdict “You have amazing colours in your hair, it will be so beautiful.” To keep the transition smooth we decided a few highlights to blend in initially.

I have to say that the hair journey was smooth, better that I thought it would be. No coloured helmet (half grey-brown-blonde), no tide marks. It was obviously the right time for me.

A few months later.


Does this mean, new make-up and outfits (another post, another time)

I must say I was somewhat blown away by the result. A stylish cut and support from your hair dresser also helps.

My hair isn’t wiry, its soft and smooth with a colour combination of grey streaks and white/silver locks.



I have discovered myself, I am proud of who I am and I am embracing a confidence that I never had before.

Going Grey Expresses Your Individuality, so be bold, be adventurous, stand out from the crowd.

Society often attempts to dictate how we should look – but there also comes an age where you don’t give a flying toss what society thinks. Celebrities like Helen Mirren and Jamie Lee Curtis have happily embraced their lighter shade and look incredible. If its good enough for them, then what the hell!

Going Grey Gracefully?


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1 Response to Going Grey Gracefully?

  1. Jen Starks says:

    Yes! I am with you 100%! I haven’t been coloring my hair and I noticed recently a woman on a recent flight. She looked like she dyed her hair grey on purpose and it was beautiful and radiant. Thank you for posting what I have been wanting for myself. Inspiring!!!


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