When Selling Your Home, What do you need to know?

When selling your home do you understand the needs of prospective buyers?

Who is likely to buy your house?


Is it going to appeal to an empty-nester, who want to downsize? or a first time buyer, a professional couple ready to set down roots, a young family relocating.

We don’t always know for certain who will buy your property, but it is very important that you appeal to the right market. This is a conversation to have with your Real Estate agent who will do the research buyer demographics – it is a science and can be complex, but, could make all the difference.

Once you can narrow it down somewhat you can also the define what potential buyers are looking for in their search. Why? So you can appeal to the right category of buyer.

Look at the comparables that your Realtor can provide you with. Visit open houses for ideas. Ask your Realtor to refer you to a Home Stager too.

Hiring a Home Stager can help you with creating a vision in your home for potential buyers using home staging techniques.

A Home Stager will focus on the good points in your home and enhance them while playing down the negative factors.


Statistics show that properly staged homes sell for as much as 17% above market value of a comparable unstaged property. A home valued at $250.000 would make an extra profit of around $42.000! That’s is huge.

It is a myth that Home Staging is expensive. A Home Stager can add value.

Hiring a Home Stager helps create that vision for the potential buyer.  Isn’t it worth finding out?

Home Staging

Did you know that home staging fees and associated expenses are also tax deductible?

When Selling Your Home, What do you need to know?





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