A Home Stagers Toolbox.

A Home Stagers Toolbox.
What Do I Have in My Tool Box?

Being a Home Stager I keep a basic toolbox in my car 24/7.

Why? Because you never know what you might come across or need when staging a home.

I just keep it very basic

Measuring Tape – The essential tool for all Stagers. Why? A Stager needs to know the size of every area or room to place the right furnishings, therefore, maintaining a sense of proportion.
A small hammer and picture hooks to hang or re-position wall art. You may require the owner to have some touch up paint also.
Furniture gliders, they make moving furniture so much easier and less strain on the mover too.
Scissors, screwdrivers, a leveler, a Stanley knife, sanding blocks, tape, plastic ties, disposable gloves, shoe guards and a magic eraser (to remove scuff marks) are also additional items I carry.

Other essentials are a notebook and pen/pencil to jot down measurements, suggestions, must haves or general notes.

tool box
For an initial Consultation I would generally need writing materials, a colour palette or colour wheel and an open mind.

Color palette guide for printing industry isolated
There are software packages out there too, but this can be costly and distracting.
You want to develop a relationship with the seller, one of trust while remaining objective and supportive.  Sometimes comprehensive computer based tools can be distracting and impersonal.
Maybe I am old fashioned?
There is a place for technology certainly, but don’t forget first impressions count so keep it simple.

All set to go?
A Home Stagers Toolbox.
What Do I Have in My Tool Box?
Habitat Muse – Home Staging and Décor “Let your home stand out from the crowd”

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2 Responses to A Home Stagers Toolbox.

  1. Kathy Phillips says:

    I’m old fashioned too. I can draw a room to scale on graph paper with a ruler and a pencil much faster than I can do it in a computer program. But I guess I am giving away my age; I learned before the days of CAD programs. Hope the young designers are learning to do it both ways.


  2. I also try to keep up with technology, its a challenge as there is so much to learn and things are continually changing.


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