Current Home Decor Colour Trends 2018

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There is no doubt that the fashion world and the catwalk influence home décor and design, from colour, prints, patterns and textures. Each season there is something that translates from the clothes rails of London, Paris, New York and Milan into our homes. Even paint manufacturers research globally for inspiration to bring to the table new trends.
Paint Colours for 2018
The word for 2018 is POWER.
Black, Red & Blue
These are the colours of POWER adopted by the major paint manufacturers.
Glidden Onyx – Black Ink. We are taking back the power of privacy and intimacy. Black is also the colour of sophistication. Think little black dress or a sexy tuxedo. 2018 is Powerful, Badass and Confident.
Imagine an accent wall or even a ceiling , dramatic, making a statement, bold.
Benjamin Moore chose Caliente as their colour for 2018. Red is another POWER colour. Red affects us on a physical level, increasing our heart rate and appetite. It’s the colour of passion and love. Think accent walls, accessories, wall art.
Sherwin Williams chose Oceanside Blue as their colour of 2018.A deep rich blue/green, innovative and full of energy whilst healing and tranquil. Rich Jewel tones. Picture ocean scenes, velvet drapes, throws and glassware.
Colour is back in a big way.

Glidden-Paint-2018-Color-of-the-Year-is-Deep-Onyx-1Benjamin Moore colour 2018 red


Take back the power of colour!

What is your style?

Current Home Decor Colour Trends 2018





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2 Responses to Current Home Decor Colour Trends 2018

  1. Kathy Phillips says:

    So glad to have color coming back! I’m tired of beige and gray!


  2. I love accent walls and accessories, its the easiest way to change a room without adding too much expense.


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