The Markay Gallery – Marietta Square. Home of Art & Design. Part Two

Luminaires of Art & Design. The Markay Gallery in Marietta arranged a Discussion panel to talk about Interior and Home Design, influences and trends. The panelists shared their perspective on each of their industries, how they connect and how we can use these concepts to LIVE SIMPLY IN 2018.

Expert Tips for Simplifying, Beautifying and Redefining at Home

Panel Amber Markay Byrd – Gallerist

Chris Lafaive -Rezide Properties

Cassandra Buckalew – Interior Designer

Lori May – Interior Designer

Stacy Milburn – Artist

Mary Jane Huegel – Artist

Lets take a look at the  artists and their unique creations.

First Stacy Milburn

She gravitates towards using mirror as her canvas. Stacy has mastered the art of using color within a mirror to ground a space and complement any interior. Designers and millwork artisans have also incorporated her works as paneling and backsplash elements. She also collaborates with photographers to create layers of silver over black and white abstract portraiture and architectural elements that etches the present over an image taken from the past. The effect is unexpected and timeless. She calls her pieces Mirrored Art.




Absolutely stunning .   The process is so intricate – removing the back of the mirror there are 3 layers of silver, copper and tin finer than a stand of hair! using etching, watermarking and complimenting patterns found in marble.

True statement pieces that bring light and weight into a room.

Mary Jane Huegel

Mary Jane pours her passion for beauty into her peaceful and colorful creations. She spent her childhood exploring the beautiful mountain scenery of Eastern Kentucky and her summers on the marshlands and seasides of Amelia Island, Florida. Her paintings reflect her vivid memories and impressions of how her mind made emotional connections to these wonderful precious memories. Mary Jane is continually captivated by the beauty of nature before her. Electrifying terrains, with such warm and vibrant colors, became the inspiration for her artistic expressions.

Her Portfolio of works include

  • Landscapes
  • Waterfalls
  • Still Life
  • Abstract
  • Figurative
  • Giclee Prints


Huegel shows her art work exclusively at Markay Gallery in Marietta, GA. and High Country Art and Antiques in Blue Ridge, GA. and Fern and Dina’s in Fernandina Beach/ Amelia Island, Florida.

“I find myself dancing between two worlds: a desire to show what I see … and or an emotional response to what could be in the spirit!”

MJ. Huegel

Amber Markay Byrd -Gallerist – Functional art for the home. Thinking off the wall.

Markay Gallery is the uptown gallery of Historic Marietta Square. This cozy corner has been energized by artistic variety.
A new gallery experience awaits, with a masterful mix of original fine art, functional art and luxe gifts for the home.

Markay Gallery

Stop by, its worth a visit.

Look out for Markay Masterclass, a series of workshops led by Markay Gallery artists. Learn different techniques with a variety of mediums. All experience are welcome.

The Markay Gallery – Marietta Square. Home of Art & Design. Part Two






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