The Markay Gallery – Marietta Square. Home of Art & Design. Part One

Luminaries of Art & Design

Last weekend I had the pleasure to accompany my lovely friend Kathy Phillips of Project Style Interior Design to A panel Discussion at the newly opened Markay Gallery.

The topic. ‘Expert Tips for Simplifying, Beautifying & Redefining at Home”

The expert panelists shared their perspective on each of their respective industries to include; How they connect and how the concepts discussed can help us all to “Live Simply in the New Year.”

Panelists and Topics for Discussion:-

Chris Lafaive – Rezide Properties, (Home Builder)

Innovative home design. Fresh home trends with lasting power. How interior design & home design work together.

He explained about how new constructions were changing to “zero lot line”

Definition: A residential property built with at least wall of the structure adjoining the property line. In doing so, builders are able to create more livable space, either inside the house or in a patio area outside. Found in developments where neighborhoods clustered around larger common areas that replace the need for larger yard space. Also called narrow-lot homes. Creating the illusion of more space by using simple design and maximizing space without clutter and importantly keeping the cost down.

Building to a maximum of 2,400 sq ft. The use of glass, skylights, flooding the home with natural light, creating a small courtyard space, bringing the outdoors in including efficient under stairs storage.

Key Home Design Trends.

  • Smaller living spaces
  • Raised Ceiling height of around 10ft
  • The use of multiple textures – reclaimed wood, tile, stone, brick, open shelving, barn door
  • Colour of choice – White, Exterior & Interior.

How do Interior Design and Home Design work together? Start with an Interior Designer, then design the floor plan and furniture layout.

(obviously thirsty work presenting – bottles of water!)

Barn door



Cassandra Buckalew – Cassandra Buckalew Interiors, (Interior Designer)

Living with less to bring you more joy. Living with colour.

What needs to stay and what needs to go.

Recommended reading “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Maria Kondo. The Japanese art of decluttering and organizing. If it doesn’t create a space, get rid of it.

Elements and Principles of Design. Human factors and ergonomics. How are people viewing their environment?

Visual Volume Objects need space, less is more.

Create balance by object size, weight and colour, look for contrasting materials, their shapes and height. When it comes to redefining space in your home reimagine the rooms purpose, function and form.



Lori May. Lori May Interiors. (Interior Designer)

Redefining your space by reimagining its purpose. Fresh interior design trends with lasting power. Lori May is inspired by modern living, blending classic elements with modern elegance and chic style, she works hand in hand with Builders, and Contractors on new Construction as well as remodeling projects. Its all about the floor space, its function, form and purpose.





Chris and Lori have worked on many interior and home designs together, utilizing space effectively and creatively.

2018 is the year of colour but also space. redefining and refining.

The Markay Gallery – Marietta Square. Home of Art & Design. Part One

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