Out With the Old, In with the New

The Christmas decorations have been packed away. The glitter, tinsel and fairy lights are no longer adding a little sparkle to our homes.

Its still very cold outside, too cold to be tidying up the last of the fallen leaves and debris from the recent winter storms.

What next?

January and February are generally seen as cold, dismal post Christmas months. Did you start your detox,? make any New Years resolutions? I have to say I did neither! And I don’t feel the slightest bit guilty. You see I would rather make a daily list of things to do or take time out in front of a log fire, cozying up, reading, writing, planning, new ideas, birthday celebrations, (yes, both of our birthdays are in February – 2 Aquarians under the same roof). Looking forward to a couple of short break vacations, even binge watching a couple of TV series we never caught up with.

Time out to enjoy some much needed R & R, after my recent health issues.

One thing I am not very good at is balancing my day. Taking time out is important as there will always be a job to do, a meeting to go to, connections to be made, the list is endless.

Today, is the first day I have sat in my office, catching up on emails etc.  as I look around my space, its become cluttered again, in fact its a bit of a bomb site! Time to have a bit of a clear out I am thinking.

This may lead on to other tasks no doubt, it’s easy to get distracted. A priority is to address storage and sort out our ever growing closets, which are bursting to capacity before the rails collapse.

In my defense, some of my clothes and accessories I have had for years and they are still in good condition. My problem is that I am not very good and throwing out clothes I haven’t worn in a while or that cost too much to give away. I start off well and then doubt creeps in. Clothes I bought and hardly worn, clothes that I shouldn’t have bought in the first place.

However, I must be more ruthless, that dress that hasn’t been worn in 3 years. that blouse that you never really took to, those trousers that don’t fit properly, I saved them just in case…. the time has come to purge.

I feel an early spring clean coming on. How about you?

I can now sit at my desk and be more creative and not surrounded by clutter.

One mans clutter may be another mans treasure, so next stop Goodwill.



The Victorian Lady lamp was left to me by my grandmother. A special piece and a memento.

Creating space, makes it a pleasure to sit, work and enjoy.

So which room or cupboard needs my attention next?

Out with the old and in with the new.





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An English Rose in the prime of her life, living my dream. This is my blog where you can read about my passions, my obsessions, my inspirations, my hope, my journey
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