Sherwin Williams Colour Mix Forecast 2018

I was privileged to accompany Interior Designer Kathy Phillips of Project Style to the launch of Sherwin Williams 2018 colour palettes.

Sincerity, Unity and Connectivity. Each with their own story to tell and what influenced the palette choices and themes.


Influences :- Silence, Instagram, Minimalism, Hygge, Normacore.

Less is more as we are de-cluttering, moving more possessions into the cloud. Silence is no longer empty but instead rare and rich with possibility. Blending is the new standing out. Flaws are treasured. The hushed tones of this score playout in sand, complex grays and hazy botanicals. Calming spaces, quiet nooks, reading areas, mindful experiences, meditation, relaxation. The need to disconnect from digital noise that harms our focus and sleep therefore, increasing stress hormones. Treasure the beauty of rustic imperfections, A rustic rugged piece of wood with knots. Hygge (whoga) – a calming colour scheme, lit candles, snuggly bedding, Nordic wood, gleaming details, brass, copper, frosted milky glass, tactile, marbled surfaces, agate and stone – spiritual healing.


Influences:- Roaming, Transculturalism, Community, Artisanal Crafts, Indigenous Patterns. Ethnicities and culture begin to influence daily life. Nomadism.

Naturalism and Globalism are in flux, challenging terrestrial boundaries. Global hubs of crafts and gastronomy. We crave security and adventure in equal measure. A culture of Nomadism. The bright folklore of this story is told in memorable pops off peacock colour. Mixes of trends and styles – a worldly flavor.  Re-drawing boundaries. Botanical effects – green – textile recycling, eclectic decorations. Architects are community builders. Natural crafts, tassels and knots. Patina, metal and glass look aged, burnt and rusted, chunky weaves, tribal, folk patterns.  Indian saris and mosaics. Silk, serenity and adventure. Think out of the box.


Influences:- California Pop/Culture, Techies, Virtual Reality, Productivity, Environmentalism.

We are each moving to the beat of our own algorithm,. From choosing a dry cleaner to choosing a college. Data powers nearly every decision we make. In Silicon Valley, Berlin and Beijing techies are the new hippies, full of breakthrough ideas and utopian ideals. Looking for revolution not evolution. The fashion revolution radically changed the way our clothes are now being sourced. Geometrics, Complex designs, changing stripes,  grid lines, highly decorative. Colours are vibrant and bold with an accent on attention seeking furniture, lighting and décor.

A generation waving the flag of colour freedom and instagramming everything. This high- tech palette is pixelated in orange. violets, digital greens and high-def yellow.

Which palette would you choose? What inspires you?

Sherwin Williams Colour Mix Forecast 2018.



The Sherwin Williams colour of 2018 is Oceanside SW6496. A blue like no other, Infinite, Irresistible, Honest. When paired with velvets, satins and antiques classic and refined. Metallics shimmer.

Sherwin Williams


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