How the Catwalk influences Home Décor or Vice Versa

on many windowsLooking for Autumn Winter inspiration for your home?  Look no further than the Catwalk. London, Paris, Milan and New York are all the key players where fashion houses are concerned.

So what’s trending right now?

Brocade –

Decadent, luxurious. Once adorned windows, now on the catwalk. jackets trousers, waistcoats and accessories.




Drapes were seen in Victorian homes and seem to last years, associated with being dark and dusty, Not anymore.

Add a little touch of decadence to your home.


Velvet –

Who doesn’t love the feel of velvet? Rich, opulent and elegant.  So much choice whether jewel tones or grays and blacks, anything from dresses to accessories to full suits and even footwear.


Emerald Green jacket with gold buttons paired simply with Jeans.

Velvet doesn’t have to be boring in the home either. Look for accessories such as cushions, throws or add to other textures such as wool, leather and linen.



Patterns, bold and intricate. Embroidery meets the colour wheel. Imagine a burst of colour, spring, summer, autumn or winter. Bring your garden onto your clothes.

Embroidery an be found on anything from Jackets to Jeans, tops and sweaters, accessories and footwear.

Think wallpaper, wall art, drapes, cushions, let your imagination run wild.

Look no further than Pinterest, here you will find a hue of colour, textures and ideas.

What inspires you? What look will you be adopting this fall season ?

How the Catwalk influences Home Décor or Vice Versa

Credit The Shade Store,, Business Insider

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1 Response to How the Catwalk influences Home Décor or Vice Versa

  1. Kathy Phillips says:

    Those fabrics are right up my alley. Hmmm, I must be a Sophisticated Classic!


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