Habitat Muse Designing a “Mood Board”

Redecorating a Room from designing a Mood Board

When you are thinking of refreshing or redecorating a room what is the look you are wanting to create? What colours have you in mind?

Choosing colours can be influenced by existing furniture or a set of beautiful drapes, an object, even a cushion. Inspiration may come from a variety of sources such as TV shows – Property Brothers, HGTV or Home magazines, even a shop window.

Have you ever thought about creating a “Mood Board”?

A mood board is similar to a vision board but using paint colours, fabrics, pictures, wall paper and textures. Use your imagination.

Quite bizarrely my first mood board I created before I moved from the UK to the USA as part of an Interior Design course that I had decided to undertake.

I felt drawn to the colours of autumn, particularly red , cinnamon, mustard, taupe range of colours which is very unusual for me as I am more of a neutral base person.


A little injection of colour therapy.

I think its more than a coincidence that the colours we chose for our home in the US were influenced by these boards..


The living room in our first home in the USA and below our dining area.


Fast forward to our current home in Marietta Georgia.

Warm and cozy. Autumnal colours, wrap around our family room that looks out to our deck area and garden. A log fire in the grate, ready for those chilly evenings, I picture myself on the chaise reading a book, glass of Ruby red wine in hand and a blazing log fire lighting up the room.

We chose only lamps to give this room a more intimate ambiance.



The second mood board. A more of a Monochromatic effect.


Our TV living room, Cool tones of Grey and White creates space whilst giving the room freshness. Adding colour come from accent pieces, plants, cushions, an area rug as well as the unique vinyl framed LPs on the wall.




Breathe life into an empty room by creating your own personal canvas.

What influences you when you are thinking of redecorating or refreshing?

Habitat Muse Designing a “Mood Board”


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1 Response to Habitat Muse Designing a “Mood Board”

  1. Kathy Phillips says:

    Love the modern vibe in the TV room and especially the framed LP’s! Mood boards can be so helpful to keep one focused and on track to achieve the desired outcome.


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