Habitat Muse – Home Staging & Décor. Part 1. Refreshing a Room

Habitat Muse – Home Inspiration – Bringing Ideas to life.

What do you see when you look around your home?

Tidy, fresh, clean? or dated cluttered and worn? Most of us are somewhere in between, we all have THAT room or closet that you dread to open.

Spring is associated with a Spring Clean, but what do you do the rest of the year? By the time it gets to spring again you may have accumulated a years worth of “stuff.”

Whether, you are contemplating moving or just want to refresh, start with one room at a time, decide whether you start upstairs or downstairs, don’t be overwhelmed by the task in hand, you will feel elated when the first room is finished.

Rope in the family to help, devise some sort of project, unwanted toys and clothing for Goodwill, or a charity. Earn pocket money (yes, I know its a form of bribery)

Be ruthless and stick to the task in hand. Sort out clothing you haven’t worn for 2 years or more or that dress you vowed to get into, it was a bargain but still has the purchase ticket on it.

Wash, wipe, clean dust, vacuum, that includes your mattress on the bed too and don’t forget the carpets.

It may well be once you have overhauled a room including THAT closet you may feel that it would benefit from a paint refresh.

Set yourself a reward, a new bed set,  wall art, a new light fixture, or a couple of pillows. It doesn’t have to be extravagant.

Don’t overcrowd a room with too much furniture. If you have small windows and have curtains, make the window look wider or taller by positioning the curtain rods higher and wider than the window itself, add sheers. Floor length drapes will also make the window appear larger.

Look for close outs. This bed ensemble is from Sears


Be armed with the essential: cleaning equipment, cloths, bucket, brushes, mops a vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaner, boxes or bags labelled charity/donations, consignment, rubbish, recycling and so on.

Ideas:- A coat of paint to any room will add automatic freshness. Choose paint colours carefully.

Other Room ideas – Bathrooms

Add a new shower curtain , fresh towels. Hardware on cabinets (which can also be painted), new accessories

Closets: Add bins and baskets for storage, door hooks to hang jewelry, scarves or belts. Shop discount stores.

Look in Home Décor magazines such as House Beautiful, Homes & Gardens, Southern Living and so many more. Follow blogs for inspiration. plus, Pinterest for ideas.

Remember the simplest of changes can make the biggest difference.

Happy Reorganizing!

Habitat Muse – Home Staging & Décor. Part 1. Refreshing a Room

What would be your top 3 tips?

Stay tuned

More coming regarding Home Staging in Part 2. Its a myth that you have to spend loads of money on your home in order to sell it. So stay tuned.



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2 Responses to Habitat Muse – Home Staging & Décor. Part 1. Refreshing a Room

  1. Kathy Phillips says:

    timely article, as we had to move everything in our upstairs to get new carpeting a few weeks ago, We have vowed to evaluate every item before returning it to its place. The recycling and charity bins are overflowing and the shredder is working overtime! What a liberating feeling to only keep what we need and love!


  2. dawnwairimu says:

    I think it is nice to avoid over crowding furniture and “stuff”. I also like to try and keep things symmetrical if i can, like making sure a shelf is centered to the wall, etc. Great tips!


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