Confessions of a Clothes Shopper

When you are shopping for clothes, are you:

  • An impulse shopper?
  • Or a planned shopper?
    Do you?
  •  Go out with a budget? or
  • Blow your budget?
  • Can’t resist a bargain?

Have you a passion for Fashion?

My confession is that I am all of the above!

On our recent visit to the UK we both did a LITTLE clothes shopping.

First stop

Northampton Marks and Spencer where my husband  bought a linen suit for a wedding we were attending, plus, accompanying shirts and ties (one needs to have choices).


M&S COLLECTION Linen Miracle Regular Fit Mens suit 239 Pounds

My purchases Lingerie. Check out the huge selection of underwear including fitness apparel.

Next stop for my husband Greenwoods – looking for a waistcoat to contrast the suit and shirts just bought.

Both were in the sale too a bargain under 100 pounds all in!

We have just been talking about  how a traditional navy blazer is a wardrobe staple piece that can be worn smartly or casually. I think its quite sexy to see a guy in jeans, loafers and a white tee shirt under a blazer!

Next stop

Navy Culottes, stretchy material, the photo doesn’t do them justice.

Paired with a Cut Out should gold knitted jumper with my gold sandals – bought a while ago from my favourite shoe store Moda In Pelle

Last but not least Primark  – Did I mention we still  had Leeds and London to go?

I love this long shirt style, with fluted sleeves.  Great to wear with cut off trousers, capris or jeans. This particular one was lined too with it being see through. A bargain, too hot to miss.

About geraldinestreet

An English Rose in the prime of her life, living my dream. This is my blog where you can read about my passions, my obsessions, my inspirations, my hope, my journey
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