Suite Dreams

We all know that a good nights sleep is essential for our personal health and wellness.

How important is that to you?

I am guessing very important.

To relax in a comfortable bed . I am always ready to go to our bed. Right now more than ever, that’s because our upstairs renovations are now into MONTH 4! Another story for another day.

When you are looking for bedding or linens what is it that drives you to buy?

Are you looking for colour to match with your décor? When it comes to bed sheets, do you look for non-iron, Egyptian cotton, the thread count, or just the feel?

Are you a duvet, comforter or hand quilt person?

Personally, I want a little luxury, particularly since we have just renovated our Master Suite. I did search several stores but couldn’t quite get that yes factor. Until that is I got to Macy’s. I was looking for something to go with our décor, had to be clean looking and fresh, style and comfort are key essential ingredients. Throw in a touch of metallic and I am hooked.

This was my choice after searching online and physically searching stores.

The bed sheets are silky, colour match pretty perfect – A kind of Taupe/Grey, with a 550 thread count.


Into the tub before bed to make sure I could really feel the benefit of the sheets on my skin.

OMG this is bliss.

The muted colours of blue, white/off white/silver and grey of the comforter and pillow cases have that clean and fresh feel.

I have a hard time getting away from blue as its my favourite colour. This cleverly designed pattern evoked a sense of calm, freshness as well as style.

Seriously, sometimes paying that little bit more is worth it.

Sweet dreams are made of this. Sleep within minutes. I had just bought the perfect pyjamas in Marks & Spencers while over in England too.

What do you look for when shopping for bedding?

Send out the zzzzzzz’s



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