Renovation Project Part 2


Did you need more clues or have you guessed that this project is all about?

The Master Suite Renovation.

Time to sit down and plan.

  1. Budget
  2. Preparation
  3. Demo
  4. Measure
  5. Design
  6. Contractor
  7. Pulling it altogether.

This project actually started almost a year ago, by collecting a couple of estimates/quotes for our master suite project. We were shocked at the initial consultation to realize the cost of the project for the bathroom alone and that didn’t include purchasing certain main products i.e the bath tub. Also, the estimate didn’t take into consideration the master bedroom alterations including new flooring , removing ‘popcorn’ from the bathroom ceiling plus the bedroom  tray ceiling.

We nearly had a heart attack when we received quotes in excess of $20 thousand dollars!!

Time for a rethink!

Obviously certain things such as plumbing and electrical work needed to be done to code so professionals were required.

The decision was made to demo the bathroom ourselves after arranging with our plumber to cap off the pipes.

First job,  empty the bathroom and the adjoining closet which bizarrely is entered through the bathroom – design fault number one. Next, take down our King size bed remove all the bedroom furniture and decant to our one functioning guest bedroom  (recently decorated). I hadn’t realized how much ‘stuff’ we had accumulated.

We stored furniture everywhere, wherever a space could be found upstairs. The bed base and mattress on the landing, shelves and mirrors in my husbands office. My newly decorated office area has been demoted to storage, with  clothes rails, shoe and handbag storage – I did feel slightly ashamed when I saw all the shoes etc – hey what is a girl to do with an addiction?

With the assistance of our slightly over zealous plumber the demo had begun!

No turning back now.

Before pictures. The original 1980’s bathroom

Let the Renovation Project begin.

Our bedroom is now storage space for tile, bathtub, cabinets, more tile, doors, faucets, even more tile, the toilet,  sinks, lights and so on.

Once up a time, there was a bath, a shower and vanity units in the master bathroom. Now zilch, gone with a swipe of a hammer and muscle power. The old tile floor though took some time,  layers of cement, chicken wire and tile adhesive  had to literally be smashed  to pieces, really physical work not for the feint hearted – my husband has muscles he had never seen before.

Time to haul in the big guns or at least a General Contractor for HELP!

Phase 1 in progress – time to go shopping!

We spent endless hours on the internet,  searching for a bath tub, vanity units, sinks faucets, shower stalls, shower heads, vanity mirrors, light fittings and so on. Tiles we physically searched for, although some ideas we found on Pinterest, and other sites.

We hired a disposable waste container from where else? Home Depot. Yes, it was filled to the brim.

The entrance to the bathroom and closet were repositioned allowing  access to the closet from the master bedroom as it should have been in the first place.

Popcorn ceilings are now no more in the bathroom, closet and Bedroom.

More Prep work to do before we can see something like a bathroom and master suite.

Shopping for tile, we looked at Home Depot but we wanted more selection and ideas, we chose Floor & Décor, we spent endless hours picking tile samples, returning said samples and searching again and again until we found our style and taste – Modern/Contemporary

The neighbours must have ben curious as to what was going on.

No stopping now. Demo completed, let the rebuild begin.

Stay tuned for another progress report on Renovation Project Master Suite Part 3 and possibly another project added on.


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