Remodel or Renovation Project?

Remodel v Renovation. Is there a difference between the two?

Remodel and renovation are the terms that are encountered the most whenever people are going in for home improvement. This makes it clear that both deal with some kind of improvement in an existing structure

Remodeling vs. Renovation

• Renovation is making the existing structure better or modernized, whereas remodeling is introducing a change in the pattern of use of a structure.

• Remodeling changes the functionality of an existing structure while renovation makes the structure new, better, or modernized.

• Remodeling can turn a structure upside down whereas merely changing the paint of a bathroom and installing new cabinets inside it can be considered a renovation job.

• Remodeling is more complex and more time consuming than renovation.

• Remodeling is more expensive than renovation.

Credit: http://www.DifferenceBetweencom

While we can certainly cut the cost by doing some of the work ourselves i.e. demolition and decorating, this next project requires Professional help as it is not going to be straight forward and coordinating different professionals maybe a nightmare.

What are we thinking of doing next?


Its a Renovation, it will require completely emptying rooms, plumbing, electrical, construction, destruction, decorating, disruption!  Any Ideas?


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