Habitat Muse: Bonus Room Office Space

I appear to be on a role just now with our home renovations and redecoration.

Now I have decided to spruce up a bonus room above our garage. Quite a quirky layout. It always surprises people when I show them this additional space.

Briefly, as you come through the garage into a back hallway. The kitchen is to the left through our fabulous sliding barn door, to the right is a staircase that opens up to a bonus room above the garage, leading then onto the landing bathrooms and bedrooms.

It kind of reminds me of an era where you would have a live in housekeeper or maid. Ever seen the series “Upstairs, Downstairs.”

This room sold the house for us when we eventually found this property, that is another story for another blog post.

Before Pictures.


After Pictures

Back hallway and stairs


What will this room be used for? I decided it was about time I had my own office space to accommodate both of my passions i.e. Arbonne and Habitat Muse.

Neutral walls. I had paint leftover from the downstairs Powder Room. so why spend more money? The walls were painted with Behr Satin paint called Dolphin fin. The 2 walls either side of the door were Pure White as was the ceiling.  Behr White High Finish Gloss for the bannister and trim.

The Beautiful Gatsby inspired posters were a gift from one of my best friends in England, I will be having them framed, this space I plan to have a meditation area and possibly yoga, but I will have to wait as this space will be required for some storage in view of our next renovation project (more about that later)


20170222_110159Storage and vision boards just visible on the right – unfinished! This will be my Habitat Muse space. Mood Boards, fabrics swatches, tile samples, paint colours, Architects board, Vision Boards.



Office furniture Office Max/Offfice Depot. Office Chairs Ikea20170222_105857-1


At last I have a proper work space where I can dedicate time and space for my Arbonne and Habitat Muse business.

What is our next project? Stay tuned. It’s going to take sometime, clues to follow.

What ideas have you to repurpose an additional space?

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