And So I Got to Thinking

I woke up at 5am this morning . I couldn’t seem to get back to sleep so, an English  cup of tea was required before setting about my morning routine.

Currently,  I am reading a book by Brenè Brown entitled “The Gifts of Imperfection, Let Go of Who You Think You Are Supposed To Be And Embrace Who You Are.”

This book is mesmerizing. Its a book that you cant help but keep going back and re-reading chapters over and over again because you can relate to what the author is writing about.

The book appears to reflect part of her journey into “Wholehearted Living,”  her research and global conversation on courage, vulnerability, shame and worthiness, subjects that we rarely discuss openly.

One of the chapters or guideposts as she calls them addressed the topic of “Cultivating Calm and Stillness. Letting Go of Anxiety as a Lifestyle.” I was intrigued. Just the title relaxed me. Brown talks about the difference between calm and stillness, quiet reflection and alone time.

I remember as a young girl someone saying to me “Take a deep breath and count to ten,” before I answered someone who was really irritating me. I had forgotten all about it. We have a tendency to fire back negatively without thinking therefore, raising our stress levels. Then I got to thinking and reflecting on this last week or so.  I didn’t recognise that I was becoming stressed and falling back into bad habits of a negative mindset. but I actually had done just that. That’s what happens when you have so much to do, mounting pressures to perform, to achieve, to be perfect. But, we aren’t meant to be perfect, in fact realizing that we are vulnerable is a quality – think about it or better still read the book “The Gifts of Imperfection,” I bet you can relate.

Here in the stillness of an early morning, with no sounds around me, no noise  from the house or traffic outside, still, quiet and peaceful.

I closed my eyes and took myself back (as I used to do frequently at one point in my life) to a place where I visualized myself walking through a wood, a forest, a clearing, along a path, the sun shining through the trees, birds chirping, butterflies nesting on wildflowers. The pure sound of nature all around me as I walked breathing in nature and fresh air. An overwhelming sense of calm enveloped me. Then, as I approached a stream, watching water flow gently over pebbles, just deep enough to take off your shoes and paddle as you would as a child, I saw a younger version of myself padding in the stream, the hem of my dress getting wet. I felt a sudden rush of what I can only explain as  ‘Pure JOY’. I found myself smiling from ear to ear, my eyes welled with tears. I felt so calm and at one with nature, so peaceful, it’s hard to describe.

I had completely forgotten the power of meditation. I felt energized.

Before the day began I experienced a quieting of the mind. My inner clock had switched to positive mode.

I felt a need to share my experience.

Now my day can begin, I know we all lead busy lives, but it is important to reset your inner clock, find a quiet moment or two for yourself, where can you loose yourself and feel a sense of peace and harmony.

And So I Got To Thinking

Acknowledgment: Brenè Brown

Books. I thought it was Just me, The Gifts of Imperfection, Rising Strong, Daring Greatly

How do you start your day?




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