Outdoor Lighting. Curb Appeal

To finish off our front garden, I wanted to replace the outdoor lights which had all but fizzled out anyway, so off  we set in search of Outdoor Garden Lights.

I had already visited World Market and bought lights for the Gazebo on the back deck – they are still in the box at present, but they will be hung very shortly – pictures to follow.

As I didn’t think my husband was really on board with searching for lighting, Home Depot was the choice as it was only a couple of miles from our home.

I didn’t realize how much choice there was, you would think I should have known by now living in America!  The choices included:- Security Lighting, Motion Sensor Lighting, String Lights, Post Lights, Deck Lights, Flood Lights, Spotlights……..really!

What type of outdoor lighting were we looking for? Simple outdoor solar garden lights, easy maintenance please.

After much deliberation, we took into consideration the price of course, our joint decision was, Hampton Bay Black Solar Path Lights, model #27600 $59.97 for a pack of 10.


Easy to assemble, popped straight into the garden. I didn’t expect them to be charged enough to illuminate the garden that very evening.

Imagine my surprise, when I looked outside, we had a floodlit floor show

Multifaceted lights, literally a laser show. We have outshined ourselves this time.

Had we looked at the box more closely it would have ruined our surprise.

The pictures are a very dark – well it was night time but you get the picture.

More Information about the Hampton Bay lights we chose.

Hampton Bay’s Plastic Solar LED Black Path Light delivers beauty, style and safe illumination to your home’s exterior by lighting dark areas along walkways, pathways and gardens. Not only is it easy to install, it’s also environmentally friendly with a simple, solar-powered design. The durable plastic construction is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions with a rust-free guarantee for years of outdoor display. This convenient set includes ten individual path lights to create a streamline appearance in your yard.

I am thinking that the back garden needs a little refreshing now too.

What are your Outdoor lighting tips to give your garden the Ultimate Curb Appeal on a budget?



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