Homes and Gardens – A Transformation

Our garden had been neglected for several years prior to us buying the house.

It was a case of where to start first, what lay ahead was overwhelming and would be expensive which ever way we looked at it, we had to start somewhere.

After spending literally hours, weeks, months and the odd year or two clearing our garden front and back of fallen tree limbs, leaves, pine straw etc. It was time to seek professional help.

First we identified trees and shrubs that needed to be removed at the front of the house, there were 2 huge trees in the front gardens blocking light and views. We had decided to ‘tackle’ a section at a time. First the front of the garden to achieve ‘Curb Appeal’ The second phase would be the sides of the garden and last but not least the back garden,-which was going to be the most challenging.

Phase one -Trees and shrubs removed, the garden had to be rotivated. prior to grass sods being laid. Before this could be undertaken, we needed a planting and  garden design plan.

We contacted Pikes Landscaping.

Before pictures – Our house had already been repainted.


Back Garden Plans



Front Garden Plans



These were great templates that would allow some degree of flexibility. Our landscaper  advised the type of lawn to lay Zoysia Neon, what shrubs to plant and where to plant, trying to make sure we had blooms across the four seasons.

My husband and I completed much of the work ourselves including digging out tree roots,  applying weedkiller (gallons of it), laying mulch and the best part – planting.

This is our front garden today.

The House Sidings have been repaired and repainted. The drive has been pressure washed. Red Mulch has been put on to the Flower Beds to keep down the weeds, thus adding an extra pop of colour.

Perenials were planted mainly to keep colour all year round at different times of the year. Annuals I potted in tubs and placed on the front porch and back deck areas.

Just need to replace our garden lights. Another post coming shortly.

Maybe we can then relax and enjoy the fruits of our labours now.

We chosethe Professionals to help.

ACE Tree Services Marietta Georgia, Pike Landscaping Services.

Trugreen Lawn and Plant Services have helped with maintenance.


Homes and Gardens – A Transformation

What have you undertaken this year?




Southern Living

Better Homes

Plants bought from:- Pikes Nursery, Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart

Book: Georgia Gardener’s Guide – Erica Glasener & Walter Reeves




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