Cabi Clothing

A recent Closet Stylist invited me to her Cabi Spring/Summer sale last weekend.

Of course  it is only fit and proper to go and support fellow entrepreneurs and networking colleagues.

Would the temptation be too great, NOT to buy? I am thinking so.

I am familiar with Cabi, being invited by my friend Jayne who I got to know at the LA Fitness gym, since then I have been to 3 more Cabi events and ordered every time.

What I love about Cabi clothing above everything else apart from the quality of their clothes is that each piece has been designed to mix and match with several other pieces. The fit of their clothes for me is pretty perfect. Being only 5ft 2″ and anything between a size 2 to a 6, buying clothes can be difficult at times.

Generally, with Cabi clothing my fit would be ‘Small’ occasionally depending on the product ‘Extra Small’

What would we find on the rails?  Having bought a summer dress from Cabi recently I was eager to find a shrug/cardigan or light weight jacket to go with it.

What tempted me? Quite a lot actually. I wanted ready to wear straight off the rack.

Discounts anywhere between 25% – 50% off MRP.

Here were my choices

Military Style Jacket, cinched at the waist with contract trim

Military Style Jacket, cinched at the waist with contract trim


Back View of my gorgeous Cabi top, with button detail on the shoulder and split back for comfort.


Floaty patterned top – perfect with jeans or cropped trousers.


Emerald Green Cropped Cardigan. Perfect with my recently bought Margherita dress.


Drop Waist Print Dress with Pleated Skirt and tie belt. So elegant!










I cant wait to view the Cabi Fall Collection 2016



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