5 Things To Avoid in Your Beauty Routine.Do You know What You Are Putting on Your Skin?

1.When was the last time you cleared out your make-up bag or make-up box?

2. How old are your cosmetic products?

3.Do you remove your make-up before going to sleep?

4.How often do you clean your brushes?

5.Do  you share your cosmetics with a friend or have you used someone else’s lipstick ?

Does this make you stop and think?

If this sounds familiar, take action now to prevent serious skin/eye infections such as Conjunctivitis and or Impetigo.

Bacteria multiplies given the right conditions

1. Clean/wash/replace your make-up bag regularly to avoid bacteria contaminating your products.

2. Throw away old cosmetics. Mascara should be no older than 6 months (preferably 3 months), Eye shadows, lipsticks, foundation, blush, their life span may vary, possibly between 6 months and  1 year.

3. Remove your make-up before you go to sleep. Why? Your skin is the largest organ in the body, it absorbs anything you put on your skin straight into your blood stream both the good and the bad. The result – clogging your pores causing blackheads and zits. Plus, it ages the skin by breaking down collagen over time resulting in lines and wrinkles. Sleeping in mascara can irritate your eyes and cause eye infections.

4. Wash you make-up brushes regularly with mild soap/detergent and water – leave to air dry. Change out your make-up application sponges regularly.

5. Do not share your cosmetics or be tempted to apply a friend lipstick to your own lips.You maybe best friends but you may be risking your health. Wash your hands! hand hygiene is so important.

Did you know?

  1. Just because a product says it’s hypoallergenic doesn’t mean you won’t have a reaction to it.The FDA doesn’t have standards for using the term “hypoallergenic,” so cosmetic makers don’t have to prove their claims.
  2. Did you know that some lipsticks contain small amounts of Lead? The FDA has concluded that lead levels in lipsticks aren’t a safety concern.
  3. A cosmetics maker can sell products without FDA approval.
  4. FDA does not approve cosmetics, although they do approve color additives used in cosmetics. It is the responsibility of cosmetic manufacturers to ensure, before marketing their products, that the products are safe when used as directed in their label or under customary conditions of use
  5. Companies do not have to list all of the ingredients in their products, and they do not have to register their manufacturing facilities with the government.

We are becoming more familiar with reading food labels and ingredients, but how many of us read the labels on our skincare and cosmetic products?


I know what I am putting on my skin, because Arbonne products are Pure, Safe and Beneficial. Transparency and Honesty, for over 36 years, this has been the hallmark of their product integrity. From the very beginning, Arbonne has developed products by combining the best of nature with leading science and green chemistry.

Products formulated without:-

  • Animal products or animal by products
  • artificial flavours
  • artificial sweeteners
  • benzene
  • mineral oil
  • hydroquinone
  • parabens
  • petroleum
  • phylates
  • synthetic dyes
  • talc
  • formaldehyde, and so much more


What do you know about your Skincare and Cosmetic products?

Do you know what you are putting on your skin?

What 5 Beauty tips would you recommend?





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4 Responses to 5 Things To Avoid in Your Beauty Routine.Do You know What You Are Putting on Your Skin?

  1. Pretty scary that there is no regulation. What do you mean by no dye? What should the industry use for pigment / colour?


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