Home Staging. 5 Things to Do to Sell Your House

Your home is personal, your space, full of memorabilia and nik-naks . That’s fine until you consider putting your home on the market for sale. Then, it becomes impersonal, a house, bricks and mortar, a space where potential buyers can see their furniture and personal items within your walls.

If you want your home to appeal to todays buyers, you will have to succumb to some truths, you have to think like a potential buyer and depersonalize.

You can do this on your own, but if you don’t know where to start, consider engaging a Home Stager to help you. Be prepared, you should have a budget of some kind to spend in the areas that require updating or reconfiguring.

5 Things you can do to help sell your house:-

  1. Clear out – de-clutter and be ruthless. Have separate bags/boxes for trash, consignment, garage sale or storage. I was once told by an eminent stager to advise home owners to box up everything smaller than a football. This includes ornaments and artifacts. Clearing out is cathartic but more importantly you will create space – less clutter equals  more space.
  2. Clean – I mean thoroughly, floor to ceiling and everything in between including light fittings. Wash or dry clean curtains, and cushions. Clean carpets and rugs .DON’T put curtains/drapes and rugs back until you have really looked at the room itself. No more dark and dreary drapes, switch out for voile or blinds if possible
  3. Does every room have a purpose? For example it was a dining room but now its an office. If that is the case re-purpose, in other words change it back to what it was designed for.
  4. Neutral wall colours – no more purple. Décor is important as the right colours will make a look feel brighter and larger.
  5. Curb Appeal – So important. First impressions count, so mow the grass, weed the beds, paint the front door, add a bright flower pot to the porch, repair fences and so on. You get the message.

This is not about you, it about getting the best out of your home, ready to put on the market to sell quickly at market value.

If this is too much for you. Seek advice from a professional Home Stager, but don’t leave it too late.

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Home Staging: 5 Things To Do To Sell Your House

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