Flowers that Bloom In the Spring

I don’t know about you but I love to see a colourful garden, whether it be flowers, shrubs or trees. Do you bring your garden indoors? by that I mean picking blooms, greenery and show off your handy work indoors. From a single flower to a handmade bouquet, that is if you have green fingers.

I really do miss the flower shops in England. I used to love picking out flowers from the flower buckets on display outside the shop. The variety and scent enticed me week in, week out to bring home fresh blooms that brightened up any room.

When in London I can not resist the urge to visit Covent Garden. Why?

Covent Garden is known all over the world and is perhaps most famous for its depiction in the film My Fair Lady and the story of a flower-seller, Eliza Doolittle.

In the 13th century, today’s modern, vast expanse of tourists and shops, was the humble kitchen garden for Westminster Abbey. By 1600, Covent Garden had become a bustling fruit and vegetable market serving the many aspects of London life as its still is today.

It attracts visitors from across the globe, whatever, you are looking for on a sunny day, you cant fail to find its appeal mesmerizing, from cafes to street performers, opera singers, quirky and unique boutique shops.Covent garden is my favourite place to be a tourist.  It’s vibrant and  so pretty with an abundance of blooms as the backdrop.Its definitely worth a visit. Covent Garden


Bring the outdoors into your home with flora and fauna.

Although, I don’t find the floral varieties I am used to, I still can be a little creative. Use a little imagination, mix blooms, colours, height, better still grow your own in your garden, personalize your arrangement.

Welcoming  when placed in the hallway. Red Roses with White Calla Lilies, Babies Breath (Gypsophelia), add some foliage with fern, palm leaves or eucalyptus, in a simple glass vase. A wrapped bunch of dried lavender, I just sprinkle from time to time with Lavender essential oil

(whoops forgot to remove the camera case in the photo)

The second vase includes; Iris, Babies Breath and Italian Flat Leaf Parsley! Yes, why not dress up your flower arrangement with herbs. Think of the aroma as you pass by whether – basil, mint, tarragon, oregano and so many more pungent herbs. Look in your kitchen or grow your own as I did last year. You have so much choice at your fingertips.

I chose a straight glass vase placed inside a black hurricane candle holder (which I sprayed with black matt Rustoleum paint). Use vases or vessels that you have around your home, be inventive paint your own. Vases don’t have to be formal

Bring the outdoors into your home with fresh flowers and herbs. Flowers that bloom in the spring and all year round.

Its British Flower Week coming up soon, shame I am going to miss it.


What are your flower pot tips?




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