D.I.Y – Repairing an Interior Wall


Repairing an Interior Wall. Dry Wall Repair

In order to finish our kitchen, we had one thing left to do.

Our home is pretty much open plan, but we really needed to sort an internal door between the kitchen and the back hall which leads directly to the garage.

The problem we faced was that a standard internal door was not an option as we had limited space to work with. An in-swinging door would clash with the door coming in from the garage. An outward-swinging door into the kitchen would not work either as it would open onto our kitchen island and take up too much space.

The dimensions were insufficient to accommodate a traditional door.

You will see what I mean when I reveal the next blog post.

The options therefore, were:-

  • A pocket door
  • A Barn door

Professional installation would be required.

Both types of door would work. However, before we could go any further the security alarm console needed to be relocated.

Of course that then left a small hole in the dry wall. Having tried and failed in the past trying to repair dry wall, I was determined to improve on my repairing skills.

Then, an epiphany! I thought I had seen something in Home Depot that may work.

A Dry wall patch/bandage/plaster. Sorry I got carried away so you can’t quite see the mesh patch that I applied, its so easy just peel off the backing and stick over the area to be patched up.

You can just see the patch outline, I then coated the patch with the repair compound.

Here is what you will need to complete your task:-

  • Sand paper and or sander
  • A patch
  • Spackle or Dry Wall Repair Compound
  • Applicator
  • Paint
  • Dust pan and brush.

After I applied the patch I then used the dry wall Repair Compound. I found it easier to apply than spackle in this case.

I did buy a complete repair kit that included, a patch, applicator and repair compound – great value for money too. www.HomeDepot.Com

Leave the compound to dry and then sand down gently, you may have to repeat this process until the surface is even before painting over.


Not bad at all. A definite improvement on previous attempts.

I may need to sand slightly again and then finish with another coat of paint just to be perfect!

What door did we decide on? You will have to be patient.

Coming next, Kitchen Renovations Part 2. The Final Frontier!

D.I.Y  Repairing an Interior Wall.

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