Knit 1 Pearl 1

I was taught many years ago by my mother and grandmother how to knit, crochet and sew.

Maternal instincts kicked in to crochet my son and daughter baby blankets, knit their baby cardigans, mittens, bootees, hats, you name it I knit it.

I seemed to pick up knitting pretty quickly. From Rib (K1 P1), garter stitch, stocking stitch, cable, ornate patterns. Jumpers, cardigans, sleeveless, with sleeves long or short. Even knit a Thomas The Tank Engine jumper for my son  – maybe he wont remember that one.

However, after I injured my neck, I found it difficult to continue, so I packed away my knitting needles, crochet hooks and my patterns and that was over 25 years ago.

Recently, I had the yearning to get them back out. I kept ignoring the call, why would I want to knit again? Its much cheaper to buy ready made garments. Upon saying that, there is something about taking pride in a garment you have made yourself.

On a recent visit back to the UK, I raided my mothers knitting basket and found some of my old patterns. I may have rekindled my love of knitting.

Searching for wool and patterns was another challenge. I started off with an English pattern and some wool from the UK to practice with.


I decided to keep it simple! Really, it took me a while picking up stitches around the shoulder for the capped sleeve and the V neck.


Not a bad effort after 25 years! Still room to improve and I am working on it.

What next, a visit to Cast On Cottage & Needlepoint Garden – Coleman Village in Roswell Georgia Cast-On Cottage & Needlepoint Garden check out their Facebook page too

The yarn I decided upon was Pure Marino Superwash wool.Malabrigo Yarn

A poncho knit on circular needles – a first for me. My advice start simple and progress steadily, that way you will save grief and patience not having to continually pull out your work and start over.

Knitting bag from  Thirty One Bags

So far so good, its basic stocking stitch – knIt one row, pearl one row – after casting on that is. I use the thumb/finger method to cast on.

Go and search u tube for how to videos, there are so many out there that will guide you through the process from casting on, to following a pattern, increasing, decreasing, K1, P1, picking up stitches and casting off.

Happy Knitting.


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