Bargain Basement

Don’t you just love getting a bargain.

I didn’t intend to go shopping, when I entered the mall. I had a coffee appointment with a client initially. Feeling in a buoyant mood I decided to take a quick look around the mall, not particularly looking for something specific but mainly for inspiration.

H & M caught my eye.

As I have a had a couple of tops from there in the sales before, I ventured forward to see what was around and if anything shouted out to me..

Did I leave empty handed?

Large Aztec print scarf in cream and black $5 Cowl Neck Cable Wool Dress in Dark Grey

Large Aztec print utility scarf in cream and black $5
Cowl Neck Cable Wool Dress in Dark Grey $10


Black Light Weight Dinner Jacket with Satin Lapels and Black Dressing Gown Cord Belt $15

Black Light Weight Dinner Jacket with Satin Lapels and Pockets with a Black Dressing Gown Cord Belt $15

The scarf I love and it can be paired with almost anything. The dress, wear with thick opaque/wool tights boots, loafers or brogue shoes. Warm and cozy.

The jacket can be dressed up or dressed down. Pair with: a white shirt, a tie,  a dickie bow, tailored trousers, pearls or jeans! Shown here with a pleated cream and black chiffon skirt.

I have been looking for a while to find a tuxedo jacket or suit, I had one years ago and wore it to death, this was the nearest I could find for now.

Fashion bargains are still out there. Just know what you are looking for. Be prepared to look through the sales rails.

Basement Bargain – The Sales Rails at H & M


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  1. dukechic says:

    I love a bargain! So pretty! happy valentines day! Can’t wait to read more of your blog!


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