D.I Y on a Budget. Transforming a Shower Unit

Master Bathroom Shower.

Yet another project, although this one didn’t involve too much expense or exertion.

We knew when we bought our current home that it required a little imagination, hard labour, quite a few dollars and months and months of our time, as we decided to undertake as much of the work ourselves where possible to save on expenditure.

One of the most expensive projects would be our master bathroom, this would mean a complete renovation including, redesigning the layout, plumbing, electrics, new fixtures including tub, shower unit and vanities.

In the interim, what could we do to make the bathroom more presentable apart from a deep clean?

Of course painting and accessorizing can make a huge difference without spending too much money.  Therefore, I painted the walls and cabinets, added a couple of accessories, plus, my husband literally bleached the tiled floor.

What could we do about the shower? The molded shower unit was outdated and probably the original unit, no amount of scrubbing, bleaching and cleaning made any difference. The floor of the shower had been damaged (a crack in the base), someone had made an effort to repair it, not a success I have to say. The main problem however, was the obsolete and ill fitting shower doors. Despite my best cleaning efforts, they were beyond rescuing. I even used old toothbrushes to get into the grooves of the frame.

The bathroom is narrow so I couldn’t take a direct photograph of the shower, however, you get the idea by looking into the mirror the shower unit and shower doors. The tub we haven’t done anything with as yet!

As I looked a little more closely, I noticed that there were three screws on each side of the frame holding it all in place.

This may be a quick refurbishment! I shared my thoughts with my husband, he wasn’t at all impressed initially. I explained that if we took down the frame and removed the shower doors, it would be easier to clean plus, we could add a shower rail and curtain to smarten it up, then we may actually benefit from using the shower.

Before I could put my rubber gloves on I wanted to measure up the length and width of the shower stall, estimate the cost of a rail, shower curtains and fixtures and see what was available in the local stores. This was to be a budget renovation.

When I returned from my shopping expedition guess what? A magic fairy had removed the frame, shower doors and cleaned the unit!

We couldn’t do much about the shower floor repair, it can be seen under the shower mat. But, at least everything looks cleaner and neat.

The cost less than $50 for the rail, shower curtain clips, an inner waterproof curtain and outer floral curtain, from T K Maxx.

Operation DIY on a Budget Transforming a Shower Unit complete – for now anyway.







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2 Responses to D.I Y on a Budget. Transforming a Shower Unit

  1. Shelly says:

    I love the shower curtain! It looks so clean and elegant!


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